carline thistle

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Carline thistle is one of those rare plants much loved by farmers because it acts as a hygrometer: the bracts close up at the approach of rain.
Ar ochr y llwybr roedd ysgallen Siarl (Carlina vulgaris; carline thistle) yn tyfu sy'n awgrymu mai tir calch sy'n y fan hon gan mai ar dir calch, sych y gwelwch chi'r ysgallen yma.
Yma hefyd roedd ysgall Siarl (Carlina vulgaris; carline thistle), un arall o'r planhigion sy'n hoff o'r garreg galch.
The yellow-wort was accompanied by clumps of the dead heads of carline thistles, which may persist all the way through until spring.