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  • verb

Synonyms for cark

to cause anxious uneasiness in

to focus the attention on something moodily and at length

Synonyms for cark

disturb in mind or make uneasy or cause to be worried or alarmed

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The highest and the lowest B concentration in fish samples were 3.30 [micro]g [g.sup.-1] in Blicca bjoerkna species taken from Sakarya River and 0.06 [micro]g [g.sup.-1] in Cyprinus carpio species taken from Cark Stream, respectively.
(11) Furness: Askam, Cark, Dalton, Greenodd, Hawcoat, Marton, Pennington, Satterthwaite, Swarthmoor, Urswick.
En 1902, Problst y Cark promulgaron la Ley Biologica de que la funcion hace al organo.
Charming villages such as Cartmel, with its 12th Century priory, basket shop and antiques shops galore, and rustic Flookburgh and Cark lie to the west.
Noting that there are very few Semitic loanwords in pre-Islamic Iranian languages, whereas the contemporary Semitic tongues (including Arabic) were generously endowed with Iranian borrowings, he includes some additions to the standard repertoire: e.g., rawda 'well-watered m eadow, garden' ?[less than]Middle Persian rod 'river', saqr 'falcon' [less than]MP cark. On the derivation tambur (more accurately, tunbur) 'either, pandora' [less than] MP tanbur it may be noted that the ultimate etymon is Greek pandoura (by metathesis), a word that has furnished the name of a variety of stringed instruments from Italy to India (bandura, mandola, tamburitza, domra, tanpura).
Recent interest in teacher thinking and cognition (Cark & Paterson, 1986; Munby, 1982; Nesper, 1987) have emphasized the importance of teacher belief as a potent variable influencing educational process and outcome.
Absorbed in some other world of his occupations and thoughts, these insects, like daily cark and care, did not seem one whit to annoy him" (39).
Javed Jabbar pointed out that Central Asian Republics and Kazakistan (CARK) area was the poor part of USSR.
During this time, the cark park on Van Road to the east of the town will close.
| Naby Keita will remain at RB Leipzig this season By CARK MARKHAM MIDFIELDER Naby Keita admits he will be a long-distance Liverpool supporter for the next year as he waits to complete his move to Anfield.
CARK FRAMPTON became a two-weight world champion with a majority decision victory over Leo Santa Cruz in their WBA featherweight title bout in New York.
After taking six wickets on his Park debut, Ben Cuthbertson added another four to that tally as Berwick were bundled out for just 65 in 24?1 overs, and Blagdon romped to their win inside 16 overs as Ali Cark led the charge with six boundaries in an unbeaten 38?.
The first Neighbours character to cark it, she was an ex-stripper (heart of gold, natch) who'd settled down with dependable Des Clarke.