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the violent theft of an occupied car

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In a desperate attempt to thwart the carjacking, the car owner then tries to open the door - which has been locked from the inside.
There have been around 30 carjackings in the space of the last nine months.
FOUR teenagers suspected of carjacking after a pensioner was targeted as she waited at traffic lights have been arrested following a police pursuit.
The Andrews Labor Government will today introduce legislation to create tough new offences for carjacking and home invasion to give police the laws they need to keep the community safe.
GARDAI are hunting the gang behind Dublin's latest carjacking - the seventh in just over four weeks.
Detroit police reported 720 carjackings last year in the city of fewer than 700,000 people.
In one of the first carjackings, Syed appeared "very polite" as he walked up to a gas station customer.
Summary: CAIRO - An Egyptian Islamist MP was forced to resign from parliament and from his party after claiming that he was injured in a carjacking, when he had in fact had a nose job, his party said on Monday.
A slight or considerable drop was reported in four areas -- pick-pocketing, carjacking, mugging and net carjacking (the number of cars stolen minus the number of cars that have yet to be recovered).
Carjackings peaked in 2001 when they accounted for 3.
Although local authorities successfully prosecuted the carjackers, sentencing both the driver and his 17-year-old accomplice to life in prison, Congress felt compelled to pass a law that provides a 15-year minimum sentence for all carjackings involving cars that have moved across state lines at any point.
The recent spate of highly publicised carjackings in Britain includes the stabbing to death of 25-year-old Timothy Robinson outside his home in Battersea, London, at the end of January and a woman company director who was punched unconscious before the carjackers jumped into her pounds 50,000 Mercedes and drove off in New Charlton, south-east London.
The falseness of Knotts' position should be evident since his home state of Florida had an immediate halt in carjackings as soon as the concealed handgun law was passed; carjackers switched to robbing tourists in rental cars from the airports.
Bobby was one of 24 people killed in Johannesburg carjackings on Wednesday alone.