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the violent theft of an occupied car

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Joewie Laboy, 31, of Bellingham, was apprehended Sunday evening and charged with the carjacking of a cab on Endicott Street.
BURBANK -- Three North Hollywood residents arrested in last week's takeover bank robbery near Bob Hope Airport each face 44 criminal charges including kidnapping and carjacking, police said Tuesday.
In addition to the tough carjacking penalties, the bill creates a system for checking car titles to deter fraud, expands vehicle identification number marking of parts to fight chop shop operations, and sets out stronger export controls.
One deputy had seen the burglar running through the apartment complex and yelling to the other man, and deputies were searching the apartment complex for him when the carjacking occurred across the street.
All three are being charged with armed carjacking and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.
We didn't believe there was evidence of a carjacking,'' Harris said.
Rosa was holding a blue card in his hand during the alleged carjacking and dropped it as he struggled to keep the victim in the car.
All three men are accused of carjacking a 19-year-old man on Coburn Avenue around 1 a.
Auburn, came to the police station yesterday and was arrested on a charge of carjacking by Detective John M.
Hahn said carjacking charges will be added when Armenta is arraigned this morning in Newhall Superior Court.
Brian Thomas, 32, was jailed for investigation of kidnapping and carjacking.
One thwarted a carjacking attempt, one pulled a woman from a burning car, and the third saved a cop who crashed his motorcycle on a forest road.
A machete-wielding man believed to be high on methamphetamines terrorized a Canoga Park neighborhood Thursday, allegedly scalping one man, attempting to sever the arms of two other men, then carjacking a truck and vandalizing several race cars, according to police.
PALMDALE - A 20-year-old Palmdale man and a 16-year-old boy were arrested Thursday on suspicion of committing a carjacking at a minimart at 25th Street East and Avenue S.
A Venice man accused of killing an Airport Police officer in a violent confrontation near LAX pleaded not guilty Tuesday to murder and carjacking charges.