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the violent theft of an occupied car

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The carjacker is described as being in his 20s, who was around 6ft and with a slim face and "small" eyes.
Mr Davies, who said he felt as though he had wrestled with the wouldbe carjacker for half an hour, added: "Luckily I think he was half-committed, so I think he gave it up.
The fleeing carjacker headed towards Leith Walk and struck a street sign in Albert Street during his getaway.
The carjacker, according to police, picked up a passenger just a few blocks away from where the car was stolen.
10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Holiday shoppers are often easy targets for vehicle thieves and carjackers.
DETROIT -- When they pull up to a gas station these days, Detroit drivers are looking beyond the price per gallon to a far more threatening concern: carjackers.
A Delhi Police constable was also shot at in the incident and a Ford Endeavour, which the carjackers had lifted, was recovered.
One carjacker with a gun approached a man at a gas station on May 11, demanding the victim's car keys.
A LIVERPOOL builder today told how he was left bloody and bruised after grappling with a carjacker.
A YOUNG woman was threatened with a knife by a carjacker who crept into the back of her car as she used a cash machine.
Jennifer Grabowski was attacked by a carjacker and broke her leg when she was pushed or fell from the car during the struggle.
The prosecution is expected to paint her as a scheming monster who lied to her hometown and the entire world for n/he days, blaming a phantom carjacker for the disappearance of her sons before confessing that she had drowned the two little boys in a dark lake.
North Shields duo, NE29, are celebrating the release of their first album, Carjacker.
A TERRIFIED dad was forced to leave his child with a carjacker after he was doused with liquid and ordered to rob a post office.