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(of teeth) affected with cavities or decay

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Clinical series studies of cariously exposed permanent molars treated with partial pulpotomy and dressed with CH have shown high success rates ranging from 91%- 100% over a follow up period of 8-140 months [Baratieri et al.
A prospective clinical study of mineral trioxide aggregate for partial pulpotomy in cariously exposed permanent teeth.
Reparative hard tissue formation following calcium hydroxide application after partial pulpotomy in cariously exposed pulps of permanent teeth.
Mass and Zilberman [1993] recommend partial pulpotomy for treating cariously exposed young permanent molars that had no pain or recent pain complaint of short duration that subsided with analgesics and no other clinical or radiographic signs or symptoms of pathology.
A case is presented herein where a total pulpotomy was carried out in an immature cariously exposed second permanent molar.