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(of teeth) affected with cavities or decay

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Chemomechanical elimination of carious dentin has by far been the most promising alternative treatment procedure, particularly in paediatric dentistry and for anxious or medically compromised patients [3].
Topics include diagnosis of periodontal disease using blood and saliva testing; periodontal tissue, salivary gland, and tooth regeneration; tissue-engineered bone; correlation of periodontal disease with cardiovascular disease, preterm low birth weight, and diabetes; genetic diagnosis of drug-induced gingival overgrowth; dentinal remineralization and hypersensitivity; the effect of whitening procedures on tooth structure; discriminate removal of carious dentin using a caries detector; nerve injury due to tooth extraction or implant placement; morphologic changes to the mandibular canal and maxillary sinus following tooth loss; and identification of vessels and nerves in the maxillary tuberosity for implant placement.
Spectra can also be used during the caries removal process to ensure that all carious dentin is removed, and during the prophy process to ensure that all plaque and calculus are removed.
Relationship between colors of carious dentin and laser fluorescence evaluations in caries diagnosis.
The conventional treatment (use of anesthesia, rubber dam isolation and complete removal of carious dentin with a rotary instrument) had been the most widely used procedure up until then.