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(of teeth) affected with cavities or decay

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Inclusion Criteria: Healthy children aged 3-8 years old who could receive dental treatment under general anesthesia; deciduous molars with deep caries or those close to the site of removed pulp detritus; clinical and imaging examinations revealed deeply carious deciduous molars without pulpal degeneration (without spontaneous pain history, palpation pain, percussion pain, swelling, fistula, pathological movement or alveolar bone destruction at the root tip); available for prefabricated metal crown (PMC) repair after treatment.
SDF 38 percent has 44,800 ppm fluoride, which is nearly double the concentration of fluoride varnish, and in both children and the elderly, one annual SDF application can prevent more carious lesions than fluoride varnish application four times in a year.
The loss of tooth tissues can happen because of carious and non-carious causes.
2,7-10) Using SDF at 38% concentration has been highly effective in the arrest and prevention of carious lesions.
The removal of carious dentine during cavity preparation flags the dentine pulp complex as the only vital tissue within the body without a front line deC.
They are especially valuable for initial carious lesions, abfractions/erosions/abrasions and for caries control in a high caries risk patients.
7, 8) In the present case it was accidental discovery with routine radiographic examination which was done to evaluate the carious lesion on the distal aspect of tooth 74.
He wished continuous joint cooperation and coordination in carious matters to serve the best interest of both the countries.
Security inspections of 788 educational institution were also carried out and carious institutions were advised to further beef up security arrangements.
Wolves' position was increasingly pre carious as they sat just one place and one point above the relegation zone.
The entire day involved carious events including golfing, dinner and cocktails, donations, and prizes that awarded trophies for low net, low gross, longest/straight drive, and closest to the pin.
She noted that the Kingdom has made distinguished effort with regards to carious aspects of economic reform, most notably, slashing budget deficit, managing public funds and curbing public debt.
It is when your natural tooth under goes 'demineralisation', the teeth become carious, which subsequently break down into cavities.
It consists of two components: the sealing of caries-prone pits and fissures, including those with enamel caries lesions (ART sealants), and restoring cavitated dentin carious lesions with sealant-restorations (ART restorations).
Among the most important properties attributed to SDF are: increase resistance of tooth enamel, inhibit dental biofilm formation, decrease acid production of microorganisms in carious dentin, reduce proliferation of S.