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(of teeth) affected with cavities or decay

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Dentistry specialists from Europe and Brazil offer 17 essays on the treatment of cavitated carious lesions.
Bivariate analysis was used to assess the association of sugar consumption and early carious lesion with selected sociodemographic variables, and regression analysis was performed to evaluate the factor that matters most in caries occurrence.
All other conditions in the patient are the same as the above ones, if the number of perforations was 2 (case 1), if the location of perforation was near the axial of pulp (PA) (case 2), if the size of perforation was larger than 1 mm (case 3), if the perforation was occurred by carious (CP) (case 4), if the patient's age was over 30 years old (case 5), what would your treatment plan (DPC OR Other invasive treatments) (Fig.
* The enamel is softened adjacent to the pit and fissure, we can conclude that the area is carious.
Interestingly, well-sealed margins of the cavity seem to be more crucial for the long-term success of the restoration and pulp vitality than the presence of bacteria in the cavity since clinical follow-ups of bonded restorations placed over soft carious dentin showed that further progression of carious lesion can be arrested (8).
The selective removal to firm dentin [7] enables the change in the carious lesion microenvironment, decreases the number and bacterial diversity which stops the carious lesion progression, reduces the risk of pulp exposure [8], and preserves pulp vitality [6].
The aim of this study was to assess the effects of pulpotomy and pulpectomy on deeply carious deciduous molars, and to observe the incidence of complications by clinical and X-ray examinations.
Properties of glass ionomers for restorations like biocompatibility, bioactivity, remineralization of the carious process and prophylactic effect on all teeth in the oral cavity make them very suitable for everyday use in clinical practice (2-6).
Intraoral examination revealed a large polypoid lesion about 10 mm x 5 mm wide with a 2 mm diameter stalk protruding from the carious cavity of tooth 26.
Dental schools around the globe teach students that the preparation of a carious lesion for a restoration requires removal of all infected dentine (dentine where the collagen within the tissue has been broken down and bacteria are present within the dentinal tubules) however there is a growing consensus that affected dentine (partially deminerC...
baked whitefish with rendered seal oil, caribou stew, carious Alaskan mammals, such as bowhead whale or beluga blubber.
SSMO's Director, Awad Sakarab pointed to efforts made this year to promote culture of standardization in the carious States.
In the initial examination revealed a deep carious lesion.