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(of teeth) affected with cavities or decay

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She noted that the Kingdom has made distinguished effort with regards to carious aspects of economic reform, most notably, slashing budget deficit, managing public funds and curbing public debt.
It also features carious monsters like the Predator, Seeder and Kraken.
Therefore, the state needs to find a way to use these funds in a more productive manner, through carious fiscal alleviations and training for setting up private businesses," said Professor Marjan Petrevski.
This training was specially conducted at the request of PCRWR, MoST to enable the laboratories of PCRWR working in the carious cities throughout Pakistan, Quetta, Peshawar, Sargodha, Multan, Lahore etc.
For its time, a more surprising Western response to Asian ceramics was Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat's vase La Mer, which utilised a turbulent form reminiscent of a raging sea or the carious surfaces of a Rodin sculpture as a stoneware ground for the potter's famous Chineseinspired sang de boeuf glaze.
The Iceman, which is the oldest wet mummy in the world, suffered from heavy dental abrasions, had several carious lesions - some severe - and had mechanical trauma to one of his front teeth, which was probably due to an accident, explained Prof.
It is when your natural tooth under goes 'demineralisation', the teeth become carious, which subsequently break down into cavities.
This means taking a dental bur and slicing away the tooth structure of primary molars mesially and distally, so allowing saliva to access the carious surfaces and improve the chances of remineralising early lesions.
The oral examination revealed good oral hygiene, minimal gingival inflammation, and no carious lesions.
Topics include diagnosis of periodontal disease using blood and saliva testing; periodontal tissue, salivary gland, and tooth regeneration; tissue-engineered bone; correlation of periodontal disease with cardiovascular disease, preterm low birth weight, and diabetes; genetic diagnosis of drug-induced gingival overgrowth; dentinal remineralization and hypersensitivity; the effect of whitening procedures on tooth structure; discriminate removal of carious dentin using a caries detector; nerve injury due to tooth extraction or implant placement; morphologic changes to the mandibular canal and maxillary sinus following tooth loss; and identification of vessels and nerves in the maxillary tuberosity for implant placement.
During the progression of an enamel carious lesion, active demineralization occurs mainly at the "advancing front" of the lesion (Fig.
Tickle M, Milsom KM, Humphris GM, Blinkhorn AS: Parental attitudes to the care of the carious primary dentition.
In times when more than 30 percent of the budget is spent on salaries and administration costs, the least we need is the money to be spent on carious institutions whose main task obviously is to gather more people.
The garments section offers carious materials to satisfy the need of different expatriate communities and natives in the country.