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Synonyms for caring

Synonyms for caring

a loving feeling

feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others

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But you have to be willing to say this is where we're going, and we're going to do it caringly and intentionally.
The caringly sensuous and intimate caress of concentric circles echoes ancient practice of natural and dynamic expressions of humanness.
Then the digging would start caringly with the upper part of the stick while being directed towards the end of each burrow, in order to avoid any insect injuries.
In Foucault's analysis, the figure of a human shepherd is metaphorical of an art of government that caringly ministers to a flock of sheep, itself metaphorical for the population as a new "subject" of State biopower (Security 11).
There was social commentary, the residents were treated caringly and while there were no laugh-out-loud moments (perhaps just as well) the package as a whole was compulsive.
Peggy and Murray Schwartz caringly cast this Pearl of great price before us in their The Dance Claimed Me: a Biography of Pearl Primus.
Quinn relationship incorporates the dubious, "built-in clean-hands clause" of compassion (Vogler 30); Enid attempts to act appropriately, "caringly" in order to maintain moral superiority, despite the sinister fantasies of her dream life and the waking disdain that undermine her belief in her own goodness.
Indeed, every state list of influential people would, if caringly and thoughtfully compiled, include the name of at least one chain drug industry founder.
"I am both honored and humbled to follow in the footsteps of Hy-Vee's great leaders, including the man who has caringly mentored me for the past eight years, Ric Jurgens.
A spanking new hospital can have all the sophisticated equipment in the world and be splendidly furnished but all this counts for nothing if the people of Birmingham, whom this hospital exists to serve, are not treated efficiently, caringly and with respect and dignity.
We are very grateful for all the kind words and help we received as we were very caringly guided through the service by the Reverend's Susan Kent and Philip Greenhalgh, along with the support of the Reverend's Brenda Bloomfield and Andrew Cromarty.
Being able to step caringly across boundaries and roles in a variety of situations, share common worldviews, and bring hope and encouragement are some of the things that make the parish minister an important part of the fabric of society.
But just as the director so caringly switched sides of a World War II battlefield for "Letters from Iwo Jima" after "Flags of Our Fathers," Eastwood's "J.
'Poor you', said Talmits, turned round, unpacked Kil's basket of sweet potatoes, cooked the sweet potatoes for her nieces, and put two plates in front of them, caringly and carefully, and with an exaggerated downward-outward circling of her arm.