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Synonyms for caring

Synonyms for caring

a loving feeling

feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others

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Situated on top of the mountains on the Amalfi coast, this 11th century palace has been caringly restored to its former glory.
For example, in one case, the auditors found that the program had used pupil evaluations of student teachers but had not seen the potential in the information for evidence of their case that their students could teach caringly and effectively.
Instead she clucked caringly over the plight of young girls with babies stuck on the 15th floor of a tower block and how the Government's thoughtful plan was only aimed at helping them escape their loneliness.
I am both honored and humbled to follow in the footsteps of Hy-Vee's great leaders, including the man who has caringly mentored me for the past eight years, Ric Jurgens.
Meanwhile Celan's rendering for Gisele caringly allows that a German present tense, unlike French (and English), can at the same time imply a future: se remplira, se hissera, will brim full, lift up.
He was like a proto-beat, protohippie environmentalist and he wrote very caringly about the natural world and how man's ruining it.
Better still, give these temple towns two days, for not only are the monuments breathtaking, it's rare to see historical places in India so clean and caringly well-maintained.
But then this is also the woman who took me caringly aside and insisted: "You can be a dancer, Fiona.
She speaks to Mak ever so caringly and is so friendly, she even invites Mak to live in their house.
The contributors to this issue help us think more reflectively and caringly as we address the question.
It provides a real opportunity for the local producers to show off the quality and range of their local produce that they so caringly grow and harvest and for the visiting public to appreciate the important part they play in the community.
His mother caringly decides to flout community disapproval by inviting him and his lover into her home for him to die there.
A The villas between Safa Park and Park n' Shop are still in a sound condition, with beautiful large trees and gardens nurtured caringly over many years by their tenants, and a haven for the birdlife which inhabit the area.