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Synonyms for caring

Synonyms for caring

a loving feeling

feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others

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Walsh wrote of the plight of the needy aged: "With regard to this problem--the care of the aged poor--I may say at once that our present mode of caring for them [in 1916] is almost barbarous....
Today's nursing homes are faced with the challenge of caring for increasingly sicker patients within the confines of the limitations imposed by Medicare.
Managing the health of an enrolled population within a budget is quite different than managing an organization or caring for a patient in the open-ended, cost-plus, fee-for-service environment that prevailed following World War II.
As stated previously, we are excellent at caring for the individual patient, but poor at treating the population.
This facility repositioned itself as caring for only patients requiring ventilators, feeding tubes or other high-tech assistance.
But its features included committed health care professionals, caring local institutions, freedom of choice, and laws reflecting public confidence.
Through discussion and reflection, we agreed that our mission is "to create a caring and enriching community through a partnership of residents, families, staff, and students, who all work together to promote the health and well-being of its members." We agreed that our values are teamwork, recognition of the individuality of our residents and staff, optimizing environmental support of health and well-being, and striving for excellence in our care and services.