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Synonyms for carinate

birds having keeled breastbones for attachment of flight muscles

having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship

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On the other hand, the vessel form itself is not simplified, with sharply defined carination, ledged shoulder, extended neck and out-turned rim.
This species differs from Pissonotus, however, in the carination of the head, and the lack of a pair of symmetrical processes on the ventral margin of the opening of the male pygofer, and coloration pattern, which are diagnostic for this genus.
Apistobuthus differs from these genera in several presumably autapomorphic characters, including the modified form and carination of metasoma II-III, highly elongated pedipalps, higher range of pectinal tooth counts, and elevated anterior ocular region of the carapace.
Type 3 (hereafter, TT 3) "is a carinated type with a straight upper body giving rise to a slight carination on the belly" (Fig.
Nine sherds are attributed to jars, with outcurving necks (no corner points on the neck), four rims, one neck, three necks with carination and one carination.
Comments on chelal carination.--The number and nomenclature of carinae on the chela received some attention in the literature.
The angular kylix is easily distinguished from the other two types by its distinctive carination. As Wardle notes, (122) however, Furumark's shape divisions do not convey the range of profiles encountered in the conical and rounded types, making it appear that greater uniformity exists than actually is the case.
Rim interior diameter = 15 cm (pr), rim exterior diameter = 18.8 cm (pr), shoulder diameter = 20.2 cm (pr), shoulder carination to rim height = 4.8 cm, vessel height = 10 cm.