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having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship

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From the same tomb comes a composite Helladic-Minoan silver goblet, with its carinated shape and a Minoan niello floral scene (Fig.
(95) The associated pottery is appropriate to the presentation, service, and consumption of food and drink: Plain White offering stands, Base Ring carinated cups, bowls in a variety of wares, and jugs.
However, most of them were built in the last three centuries of the 4th millennium, coinciding with the expansion of flat carinated bowls and the local Late Neolithic.
They concluded that pottery, such as those with wave and line decoration, spouted vessels and carinated wares as well as clay lamps, are all indicative of Dvaravati period wares.
Abdomen dorsally carinated on all somites, except on somite 1; somites 3 to 6 with posteromesial tooth, the one of somite 3 distinctly strong.
Balatah, Tell: Stern 2001: 37 ("Assyrian-style" pottery); Singer-Avitz 2007: 184-85 (carinated bowls, Assyrian influence), but Na'aman and Thareani-Sussely 2006: 64; Stern 2001: 17 (seal); Zorn 1993: 218 ("bathtub" coffin, but sixth-fifth centuries).
(1) Scapes relatively short, barely reaching, or slightly exceeding posterior lateral corner of head, (SI 78.00-87.17); head subquadrate or suborbicular (CI 78.18-100); clypeus convex, anterior border "v" or "u" shaped, and sharp medial longitudinal carina present on clypeus, or partially carinated, or lacking carina; mandibles with 7-8 teeth without striae (MI 48.27-59.61); body sculptured with foveolae or punctae; fourth abdominal segment (second gastral segment) smooth, slightly rough, or sculptured; hairs length ranges from 0.03 to 0.55 mm ...
Propodeum smooth and carinated. Forwing pterostigma triangular, with distinct metacarp; radial and median veins developed but never reaching the wing margin; radial cell and median cell-1 separated by median abscissa-1; interradial veins absent; intermedian veins effacedly developed.
Aperture wide and columella flattened, whorls variously carinated, and are found at low water mark.
rusticus placidus." While Engle's specimens have apparently been lost (Unger 1978), he did provide a detailed description in which he stated that the rostrum was carinated and the first pair of abdominal appendages had free tips that were "long and slender, not recurve." This is consistent with the reported morphology of the ringed crayfish (Hobbs, 1974).
Animal of moderate size, up to 27x 14 mm, moderately elevated, back evenly arched, not carinated, valves not beaked.
Herity (1982: 265, 372) suggested that the Early Neolithic carinated pottery from the inner chamber of Kilgreany Cave represented habitation.