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having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship

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They concluded that pottery, such as those with wave and line decoration, spouted vessels and carinated wares as well as clay lamps, are all indicative of Dvaravati period wares.
76) The external grave goods included a carinated vessel, a cup and a small copper axe, i.
Abdomen dorsally carinated on all somites, except on somite 1; somites 3 to 6 with posteromesial tooth, the one of somite 3 distinctly strong.
Umm-Uthainah: Stern 2001: 254 (bronze caryatid censer executed "in pure Assyrian style"); Routledge 1997: 35 (shallow and sharply carinated bronze objects).
Herity (1982: 265, 372) suggested that the Early Neolithic carinated pottery from the inner chamber of Kilgreany Cave represented habitation.
Contributors include evidence from sites in such topics as the situational behavior of the British Lower Paleolithic, truncated and faceted pieces from Jerf al-Ajla, cores-on-flakes from the Levantine Mousterian, the subtleties found in truncated and faceted pieces, carinated tools and cores and their relation to mobility, lithic barbs from Portugal's Upper Paleolithic, core-tool technologies of the early Holocene and tardiglacial periods, stone assemblages of arid Australia, materials approaches in classification, behavioral causes and archeological effects of lithic recycling, alternative typologies, and the cores, tools and priorities of lithic analysis.
The grave goods associated with the cremations and inhumations consist of distinctive carinated jars, jewellery and unimpressive weapons that probably date to the mid seventh century, towards the end of the pagan age when burial demanded the internment of objects with the dead.
A broad-brimmed petasos tops a figure in the same manner as the shoulder of a lekythos tops that vessel, and it lines up neatly with the carinated shoulder of the lekythos (Fig.
Extant Hexapus morphotypes seem to represent the most ancestral pollinating agaonines of Ficus, because among other pleisiomorphic characters: 1- the females do not possess a gular bridge composed of carinated sclerite, as assumed by Rasplus et al.
42) Ceramics from the layer contemporary with the construction of the brick temple are cord-marked or incised fine earthenware, including carinated pots.
In the case of cremation, ash urns were surrounded by grave goods in the form of carinated bowls and casseroles, and sometimes cups.
Another type identified in this set, with two fragments, corresponds to smaller containers, with everted rims, and a carinated profile (20, 3).
Birds on the rim: A unique Lapita carinated vessel in its wider context.
carinated cups with certain rim shapes and straight-sided bowls) traditionally associated with Middle Assyrian influence or occupation would he present in Level 7, a claim made in chapters IV (pp.