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Synonyms for carinate

birds having keeled breastbones for attachment of flight muscles

having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship

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It differs from congeners by the combination of the form of the pronotum that is constricted anterad of the hind angles, strongly elevated and sharply carinate hind angle carina; and darker overall coloration with a pale brown band along the pronotal anterior margin, and darkly infuscate antennae and legs, and aedeagal morphology (Fig.
Propodeum with posterior vertical surface not carinate and without carinate lateral crests (Fig.
latruncularius (Perty, 1832) from South America by the carinate elytral intervals, elytra parallel-sided, a narrower, granulated pronotum not constricted to the base and the antennae not reaching the humeri.
1, length 6.7 mm, carinate, greatest height anterior, 0.9 mm, width 0.8 mm, posteriormost height 0.8 mm, widths on undistorted sections nearly equal to heights.
Scutellum as long as pronotum, lateral margins carinate; disk with median longitudinal carina, transversely rugose; apex angular (Fig.
8-flowered; floral bracts orbicular or nearly so, 20-27 x 25-27 mm, apex rounded, incurved and appearing cucullate, greenish-yellow toward the apex and yellowish-green at the base, glabrous or nearly so, equaling 1/2 of the sepals length, strongly convex, carinate or the upper ones obtusely if at all carinate, covered by an oleaginous substance.
Third maxilliped consisting of four segments, concealed by the anterolateral part of carapace; ultimate segment stout, about 1.2 times longer than penultimate segment, tapering distally, with some spines on truncate distal margin; lateral surface of ultimate segment longitudinally carinate, with row of stiff setae; cross section trigonal; antepenultimate segment flattened dorsoventrally, with numerous heavily plumose setae on margins and with prominent cluster of long setulose setae on low elevation at proximomesial part; coxa heavily setose, with large, bilobed epipod; no strap-like process on epipod.
The carinate ceilings are crowned by 23 different sized cupolas sheathed in carved aspen shingles.
His entire septet - Thara Memory, trumpet; Warren Rand, alto sax; Remota Carinate, tenor sax; Gordon Lee, piano; Andre St.
The bluffs above the swamp are the only known home of the carinate pill snail, a species once thought extinct.
11) Inner margins of the antennal sockets distinctly carinate (2); slightly carinate (1); not carinate (0).
Prosternum with anterior lobe short, directed ventrad; prosternal process with ventral surface directed dorsad at 45[degrees], not carinate laterally.
Eggs (Figs 12-13): Capsule black with minute granulations, strongly carinate; oval, tapering posteriorly, posterior pole rounded.
This species is distinctive with the adults having the abdominal ventrites strongly tectiform, with the peak of the ridge carinate on ventrite 5, with ventrite 5 subacute and upturned at the apex as an extension of the carina.