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a keel-shaped constellation in the southern hemisphere

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any of various keel-shaped structures or ridges such as that on the breastbone of a bird or that formed by the fused petals of a pea blossom

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Moreover, the median dorsal plate has a massive keel and carinal process.
Treatment of severe carinal stenosis with overlapping metallic endoprosthesis.
The hydraulic architecture of Equisetum stems has yet to be elucidated, although the carinal canals in each internode appear to provide low resistance pathways through internodes, analogous to the role played by vessels in angiosperms (Leroux et al.
The descriptive values (average, standard deviation and range) of the carino-rostral length and carinal height were established in a sample of 100 specimens.
The following biometric variables of each specimen were measured: RC length (maximum distance across the capitulum between the ends of the rostral and carinal plates; Fig.
En la valoracion clinica neurologica, se observaba hiporreactividad pupilar y miosis, fundoscopia normal, endotropia bilateral por compromiso de los nervios motores oculares externos, paresia facial central izquierda, reflejos corneano y carinal presentes, cuadripa resia flacida 4 [+ o -] 5, hiporreflexia patelar y arreflexia aquiliana.
Surgical technique and results of tracheal and carinal replacement with aortic allografts for salivary gland-type carcinoma.
La longitud de los organos falcados como las flores, el estandarte, la quilla y el gineceo se midio en linea recta de la base al apice; y las dimensiones del caliz se registraron en el costado carinal incluido el espolon.
Nomenclature and mensuration primarily follow Stahnke (1970), with the following exceptions: metasomal carinal terminology after Francke (1977), pedipalp carinae terminology after Acosta et al.
No mass lesion or tracheal or carinal lymphadenopathy was noted.
1 mm de largo) y petalo carinal glabro en ambas caras, apice entero y los petalos laterales, 3-4 x ca.
Otherwise healthy IIIB patients with clinical T4N0 from satellite tumors in the same lobe or carinal involvement should be referred to a thoracic surgeon for possible resection.
5-2 veces mas largos, lanceolados, acuminados, lobulo carinal triangular-lanceolado, agudo a brevemente acuminado, de longitud intermedia; estandarte brevemente obovado a orbicular-ovado, de 9-10 X 7 mm, unguiculado, con una de 1-1.
Meanwhile, at Inter school level, the Heinz Ketchup Cup second round draw involving local schools is Kinghurst (Solihull v Ernesford Grange Coventr), Carinal Newman (Coventry) v Ashlawn (Rugby).