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a keel-shaped constellation in the southern hemisphere

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any of various keel-shaped structures or ridges such as that on the breastbone of a bird or that formed by the fused petals of a pea blossom

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Treatment of severe carinal stenosis with overlapping metallic endoprosthesis.
The hydraulic architecture of Equisetum stems has yet to be elucidated, although the carinal canals in each internode appear to provide low resistance pathways through internodes, analogous to the role played by vessels in angiosperms (Leroux et al.
By studying these types with relation to location in the shoot systems, we are able to see distribution of tracheary elements types and pitting that suggest patterns of water conduction in xylem and in the carinal canals.
No mass lesion or tracheal or carinal lymphadenopathy was noted.
Using a two-compartment test lung system with different compliances, Marcia Volpe (working in my group) demonstrated that high tidal volumes and low PEEP moved a mucus simulant from one ventilated test lung compartment to another across their shared carinal divider.
Meanwhile, at Inter school level, the Heinz Ketchup Cup second round draw involving local schools is Kinghurst (Solihull v Ernesford Grange Coventr), Carinal Newman (Coventry) v Ashlawn (Rugby).
7 mm outer diameter (OD), that was inserted via guide-wire through the lid of the connector at the proximal end of the ETT, and placed 2 cm above the carinal end of the ETT (16,17).
Mediastinal sepsis was observed spreading below the carinal plane.
Placing the ETT tip distally may increase the risks of carinal injury and endobronchial intubation.
Carinal terminology follows Stahnke (1970), except that we follow the amendments to nomenclature of metasomal carinae introduced by Prendini (2001b, 2004).