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set of bells hung in a bell tower

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playing a set of bells that are (usually) hung in a tower

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Cast in bronze, carillon bells are played from a keyboard which has batons for the hands and pedals for the feet.
They have been played regularly since they were installed, but for the past 17 years Dr Ian Brunt, also a world-renowned player of carillon bells, has provided the musical backdrop for Saturday shoppers.
The bells of the Bournville carillon are made from the customary bronze alloy of copper and tin.
The idea of installing a carillon in Bournville came to George Cadbury on a visit to Belgium in 1906.
The carillon, which is played using a wooden keyboard operated by hands and feet, started off with just 22 bells but is now the largest in the country with 48 bells and four octaves.
Trevor, who has been getting advice from carillon schools abroad, said: "This is about imparting the passion I've got for this relatively unknown musical art.
The bells are usually located in a bell or clock tower, although there is such a thing as a travelling, or portable, carillon.
Sainte Croix, or Holy Cross, Church in canton Geneva's town of Carouge has a 3-octave, 36-bell carillon which was the largest such instrument in Switzerland until it was relegated to second place in the summer of 2004 by a 49-bell carillon at the Abbaye de St.
Williams Tower and Carillon at the main campus of the University of Denver.
Todd Fair, the carilloneur at the Williams Tower, is the genuine article, a prominent musician who worked previously in the Netherlands - the carillon capital of the world.
Designed with a built-in digital carillon to play chimes on the hour, or a variety of musical selections for special occasions, The Heritage is sure to command attention.
The Heritage features: substantial hands and professional grade, industrial strength clock movements to ensure accurate time; built-in digital carillon system with remote control; shatterproof clock dials; along with a Global Positioning System.
The secret lies in the largely ignored carillon of 37 bells hanging in the tower of city hall which are played by Cape Town's lone carilloneur Donovan Bagley, perched in his eyrie above Grand Parade.
The World Peace Bell in Newport, Kentucky is the home of the world's largest carillon and swinging bell.
The management team of Carillon has extensive Wall Street experience in asset management, mezzanine financing, loan origination, portfolio securitization, and other specialties.