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set of bells hung in a bell tower

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playing a set of bells that are (usually) hung in a tower

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Apparently, in order to be classed as a carillon, the instrument must have at least 23 bells, and use a manual keyboard.
Playing the carillon is quite a workout, as the keys are huge batons which are hit with the fist, and the dynamics can be controlled by the force with which the keys are hit.
As an assistant professor who arrived at Michigan in 2015, Ng has carved out a reputation as both a master teacher of carillon and an international performer of the rare instrument that has at least 23 bells, is usually housed in a tower and is played from a keyboard and pedalboard.
Still, the rising fascination with the carillon is encouraging, says Ng, who has been on a mission to encourage more minorities to take up the study of the instrument ever since she was encouraged to study it as a student at Yale University.
American Tiffany, who studied in New York, crossed the Atlantic to send chimes echoing across the city as she performed at the Civic Centre's carillon.
In a tiny room tucked at the top of a narrow staircase - more than 250ft above the ground - Tiffany performed a one-hour carillon recital.
England's Child: The Carillon and the Casting of Big Bells
The book is a kind of Suite for Carillon, both intimate and grand.
Every Saturday, Trevor Workman sits high up in the rafters of the Carillon Tower on Bournville village green, creating a medley of sounds that can only be heard in the heart of the Midlands.
Outside Bournville, there are few people who have even heard of a carillonneur, or even a carillon.
A NEW generation of bell-ringers will be learning how to make sweet music at the country's first carillon school which has opened in Bournville.
The musician, from Hollywood, is only the third person to operate the carillon in the 100 years it has perched above Bournville Junior School, in Linden Road.
Carillons are prone to wear and there are specialists--Deschenaux points out that besides the technical expertise they need the agility of a monkey to climb around from bell to bell in the belfry and to have no fear of heights--who adjust, repair and lubricate them.
Carillons at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and the University of Montana in Missoula also ring out on a regular basis.
There are only 400 carillons in the world and less than 1,000 carilloneurs," Adrian Gebruers, president of the World Carillon Federation, said on a visit to Cape Town.