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soft decayed area in a tooth

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While vitamin D's role in supporting bone health has not been disputed, significant disagreement has historically existed over its role in preventing caries, Hujoel noted.
There were no significant differences in the prevalence of dental caries between the boys and the girls (p .
Questions related to the knowledge of principles of dental caries prevention, the sources from which mothers obtain their knowledge and the methods of implementing oral health behavior.
Today dentistry is developing new strategies for managing dental caries made possible by scientific advances and new technologies.
Conversely, opinion is divided on whether Down syndrome is a determinant of a higher (5,6) or a lower (7) caries risk, or if there is no difference in risk compared with the general population.
Our aim was to verify whether the increase in motivation for dental health through the most simple measures of dental hygiene and personal knowledge of the contribution of risk factors in determining the caries disease were divided into short-term dental health maintenance.
A Government of Quebec study in 1998 on oral health showed that Quebec children had 40% more caries than their counterparts in Ontario and the United States.
As such, the program has been expanded to include caries and tobacco risk assessment, and the supporting prevention interventions.
Where this saliva test would be valuable is in predicting dental caries in areas not accessible to visual exam: between teeth in fight contact.
WASHINGTON -- A test may soon be able to determine which patients, whether children or adults, are at greatest risk for dental caries, Paul C.
Regarding fluoride's efficacy in reducing dental caries, there has never been an adequately controlled, double-blind study of fluoride as a caries preventative.
i] In fact, dental caries (which includes all stages of tooth decay) is the most common, yet preventable, chronic disease on the planet.
Dental caries or cavities is prevalent in various age groups which include children, adolescents, and adults.
The overall goal is to reduce prevalence and incidence of dental caries in children aged 0-5 by promoting appropriate oral hygiene practices and good dietary habits counteracting harmful habits and practices.