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Synonyms for caricature

Synonyms for caricature

a false, derisive, or impudent imitation of something

to copy (the manner or expression of another), especially in an exaggerated or mocking way

Synonyms for caricature

represent in or produce a caricature of


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Then in 2007, one of my friends told me that Amr Selim, who was working at that time for El Dostor Newspaper, needs female caricaturists, then my friend showed Selim some of my works and he liked them so I joined El Dostor.
Among the artists included in the anthology is Syrian editorial caricaturist Yasser Ahmed.
I am really very sorry for those caricaturists who were killed in the recent barbaric attack in Paris.
Why not visit our caricaturist and take home a unique memento for the day?
Because of Mohassess' early emigration from Iran, he was not mentioned by the magazine's author as part of the later established core of Iranian caricaturists.
Yassir, one of the caricaturists in Iraq, was born in 1993 and has held several shows, either personal or collective.
There is also an annual competition held, called World Press Cartoon; it joins caricaturists from all over the world.
Meanwhile, the arts and crafts tent will feature Badge Caricaturists Bitter and Twisted, Digital Caricaturist George, Rita and her team of face-painters, David the Balloon-Modeler, and a team of clowns who will be joking around with the children.
Guests from the Midlands Business Community enjoyed an evening of drinks and networking, with entertainment provided by a magician and caricaturists.
Rowlandson is remembered as one of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries' best caricaturists along with Gilray and as the illustrator for the Dr Syntax books.
Last month, he scooped a Wittygraphy gold medal for his caricature of Oliver Hardy - beating off competition from the top caricaturists in the world.
Entertainment during the evening was provided by caricaturists and magicians who amazed the guests.
After the January revolt, he believes it's time for the caricaturists to go into action.
In her chapter on women and music, "La Pratique trop feminine du piano et du chant," Vernois deftly moves from Flaubert to Marie d'Agout to period critics to the caricaturists Mars, Daumier and Bertall, referencing a long list of newspapers, as well as contemporary sources.