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Synonyms for caricature

Synonyms for caricature

a false, derisive, or impudent imitation of something

to copy (the manner or expression of another), especially in an exaggerated or mocking way

Synonyms for caricature

represent in or produce a caricature of


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No other racial group is caricatured as Indians are - not blacks, not Asians, not Latinos, not anyone.
SIMI VALLEY - Arnie Shinder looked down proudly at the caricatured face of Ronald Reagan beaming from the cover of the 1980s magazine that lay on his work table.
the Frito-Lay Company's infamously caricatured Mexican American advertising mascot used to sing on TV commercials:
Almost in any direction can be seen great wide mouths, thick lips, flat noses, glaring white eyes, and to wind up the thing, there close behind the caricatured is the familiar chicken coop and out beyond that is the rind of the `dervastat'd watah million.
Against the background of these five chapters, Rhodes goes on to present an examination of why caricatured images are so powerful.
As art critic Henry McBride pointed out, "the caricatured after a while come to believe that they .
SNL regular Mark McKinney has caricatured the bespectacled publisher of Forbes magazine in the past.
However, the IAC model presents a very specific prediction; caricatured face primes should produce more cross-domain (face prime-name target) self-priming than typical face primes.
Ten monochrome photographs of famous personalities (see Appendix 2) were caricatured using Benson & Perrett's (1991b) continuous-tone caricature generator.
In order to produce a continuous-tone image the caricatured and veridical images were divided into 340 triangular tessera.
The same unfamiliar neutral prime face caricatured at the five levels was used throughout.
A caricatured image is created by exaggerating the face along the dimensions that make that face unique relative to a norm.
From the work using naturally distinctive faces it is expected that caricatured faces (as distinctive faces) will be more quickly recognized relative to veridical (typical) faces.
Each subject's mean recognition time for caricatured and veridical images was calculated.
There were no failures of recognition of any of the caricatured stimuli, and across subjects and target faces there were only 5/112 failures of recognition of the veridical stimuli.