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Variations saisonnieres du regime alimentaire des caribous du troupeau de la riviere George, Quebec nordique.
ABSTRACT: Limiting factors of caribou (Rangifer tarandus) populations vary regionally.
Key words: caribou, hunting, interactions, moose, predation, simulation, trapping, wolf
The RMAF has 20 Caribous, but only a dozen are still in use.
The Canadian-made Caribou went down at about 1.15 p.m.
Federal Aviation Administration records show that two of the three Caribous were registered to Operation Blessing.
The medical missions began in late July and were still going when the Caribous arrived in September.
Qikiqtaq (King William Island), in the Kitikmeot region of Nunavut, has been largely overlooked in caribou research to date.
Key words: caribou; Inuit knowledge; co-management; herd names; language; place; homeland; King William Island (Qikiqtaq); Gjoa Haven (Uqsuqtuuq); Kitikmeot; Kivalliq; Nunavut
In the case of barren ground caribou management, these rule changes include adding the voices of resource users to decision-making, in particular, the marginalized voices of aboriginal caribou-hunting communities.
Dans le cas de la gestion du caribou des toundras, on compte parmi ces changements l'ajout du point de vue des utilisateurs de la ressource dans les prises de decisions, en particulier celui des collectivites autochtones qui en font la chasse.
A Woodland caribou nibbles lichen from the branch of an ancient Douglas-fir, its hooves making wide craters in the snow.
Woodland caribou once roamed the forests of every Canadian border state, but today they occupy only a tiny portion of their original range.
In the last three decades, the location of summer concentrations of migratory caribou (Rangifer tarandus) in southern Hudson Bay (SHB), Canada, has shifted south and east as much as 500 km.
Key words: anthropogenic disturbance; body size; diet; distribution; fecal nitrogen; forage; migratory caribou; Hudson Bay; Rangifer tarandus', range shift