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a waiter at a drive-in restaurant

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Becker, then owner of Nectar Products Co., a manufacturer of ice cream specialties, expanded operations, opening the Nectarland Ice Cream stand on Thompson Road in 1961, adding a restaurant, the carhop and a miniature golf course, though not necessarily in that order.
Dans << Film de famille et memoire ouvriere >>, Florence Loriaux aborde le film de famille dans le cadre des archives conservees au Carhop. Le Centre d'animation et de recherche en histoire ouvriere et populaire a comme mission notamment de sauvegarder et conserver la memoire ouvriere, sous toutes ses formes.
"It was cold and this carhop didn't have on a very big jacket, and I thought to myself, 'I think I got it bad.
While employed in these highly classified but low-paying physical science aide/tech/researcher jobs, Herman had to moonlight at a variety of menial jobs to support his family, ranging from restaurant carhop and drugstore clerk, to children's tutor and insurance debit man.
While working as a carhop near CBS, Dean also met Rogers Brackett, a broadcasting executive.
A dilapidated cardboard box had captured the attention of the restaurant's carhops. Curious, I asked my carhop what was in the box.
a dancer, acrobat, comic, truck driver's helper, diving champion, bellhop, camp swim instructor, football and track competitor, carhop, lifeguard, water-show star, war hero, producer, world traveler, nightclub manager, civic center director, salesman, Santa Claus, elected official, fund-raiser, newspaper columnist, janitor, truck driver and Hall of Famer?
Props were conveniently delivered to characters by a roller-skating carhop who tempted all of the single men onstage with her sassy, bubble-blowing ways.
Miller's Drive-In, If you've never experienced carhop service, stop here to savor the juicy cheeseburgers and thick malts.
They are everything he has censored or pushed under: the street they found his mother on; the bar where she was seen dancing with her date, a "swarthy man"; the drive-in where they had eaten earlier, whose carhop observed that Jean's clothes were disheveled and the man seemed distracted.
Borkowski, who's been called "a paralegal carhop," jokes there's only one flaw to the concept "honk for service"--his business is located next to a pizza place.
An employee on roller skates dressed as a drive-in carhop.
Based in Oklahoma City, Barnett is a second-generation Sonic franchisee who began his career as a carhop. He owns and operates 45 drive-ins in Houston, San Antonio and Waco, Texas.
* Terraforma LLC and 5620 Warden Road LLC, both led by Doug Meyer and David Bruning, sold the 2.9-acre 4Wheel Parts development at 5620 Warden Road and the 2.34-acre Carhop development at 5600 Warden Road.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 16, 2015-Three winners of Summer Celebration Sweepstakes revealed by CarHop