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The cargo vessel is envisioned to carry 100 passengers, four vans and 15 motorcycles.
Weah remains committed to the construction of roads as indicated in his first Annual Message, and the use of the cargo vessel could serve as a major alternative to the transportation of goods in Sinoe and other surrounding counties.
Its unit, 2GO Group, has 16 RoPax, five cargo vessels and 10 fast craft vessels.
Hanoi [Vietnam], December 25 ( ANI ): At least 31 Chinese tourists, including four crew members and a tourist guide, had a minor scare after their ship collided with a cargo vessel, near Ti Top Island in Ha Long Bay, located in northern Vietnam.
The cargo vessel, Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999, was detected and tracked using the Galapagos National Park Service's new AIS monitoring system-procured and installed by WildAid, WWF and Sea Shepherd.
The bulk cargo vessel St Dimitrios delivered 62,000 tonnes of wood pellets to the Port of Tyne
The first Progress MS cargo vessel (Progress MS-1) was launched to the ISS in December, 2015.
The Lauis Ledge has become an eerie spot for vessels traveling from Cebu to Bohol and passengers on board fast craft Starcraft 9 went into panic when the sea craft collided with cargo vessel MV Our Lady of Faith at 5:50 p.
The ferry was struck by the cargo vessel yesterday, Rescue teams were deployed and passing boats were helping.
Manila, Jumada I 13, 1435, March 14, 2014, SPA -- Two fishermen were killed and nine went missing when a cargo vessel rammed a fishing boat in the Philippines, dpa quoted the coast guard and the disaster relief agency as saying Friday.
The death toll from the collision of a ferry and a cargo vessel off Cebu in the central Philippines overnight has risen to 28, while 213 people are still missing, a Philippine coast guard official said Saturday.
17, 2013 (AP) -- Divers combed through a sunken ferry Saturday to retrieve the bodies of more than 200 people missing from an overnight collision with a cargo vessel near the central Philippine port of Cebu that sent passengers jumping into the ocean and leaving many others trapped.
Israeli request to intercept the "Victoria" cargo vessel which, according to
The pirates marked' this transfer of command by attacking five ships in two days: a German container ship (Stanvander), a French yacht (Tanit), a British cargo vessel (Malaspina Castle), a Panamanian cargo vessel with a Bulgarian crew and a Taiwanese tuna vessel (Winfar 161).
Strong American is a multi-purpose, general cargo vessel made up of two parts: "Strong" is a tug boat while the barge portion is named "American.