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conveyance provided by the ships belonging to one country or industry

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The Iranian Navy's 35th flotilla of warships left Bandar Abbas port, in Southern Hormozgan province, for the Gulf of Aden in June to protect the country's cargo ships and oil tankers against pirates.
Military analysts said the dispatch of the carrier was a political move meant to intimidate Iran and make clear the US meant business in hopes that any cargo ships bearing arms would turn around to avoid a confrontation.
During the corresponding period of last year these were 418 container ships, 99 bulk cargo ships, 107 general cargo ships and 204 oil tankers.
NNA - Eleven crew members from a Chinese cargo ship are missing after it collided with a container vessel and sank just outside Hong Kong waters on Monday, authorities said.
Henrik Holck Rasmussen, of Danish frigate HDMS Esbern Snare, said two cargo ships will go to Syria as many times as needed to pick up all chemical weapons.
net/) Odyssey Marine Exploration , a company specializing in shipwreck exploration, has salvaged approximately $38 million worth of silver from a British cargo ship that sank below the North Atlantic Ocean in February 1941.
43 dry bulk cargo ships, 352 million USD for 20 tankers and 75 million USD for container ships, they spent 420 million USD.
People look at a cargo ship which ran aground after a heavy storm at Saler beach near Valencia -an ecologically valuable stretch of Spanish coastline
ANTALYA, Dec 17, 2010 (TUR) -- A Bolivian flagged cargo ship was dragged because of heavy storm and rainfall and crashed into sea cliff in southern province of Antalya early on Friday.
A Bolivian-flagged cargo ship was dragged because of heavy storm and rainfall and crashed into sea cliff in southern Turkish province of Antalya early on Friday.
They follow hot on the trail of the cargo ships Insani Yardim Vakafi (IHH's) and Free Gaza's ship MV Rachel Corrie.
The barren state of these two Docks adjoining the Albert Dock is crying out for what they were originally built for, namely ships, particularly general cargo ships that were once the life blood of the City would be ideal both for visitors, and passing motorists.
uk) say women are quite safe travelling solo on cargo ships.
says that he's virtually certain that transatlantic cargo ships picked up Hemimysis in ballast water in Europe.
Vessels ranging from small wooden launches to 140-foot cargo ships like the one agents raided at the Port of San Juan, traffickers are sending a wave of drugs into Puerto Rico.