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Claudine Carey, and her son Jack (3) were enjoying the afternoon sun at the mouth of the Boyne at Mornington where the tiny tot was swept into the river by the waves from the German cargo ship "Weibke D".
He said the Coast Guard became suspicious when the cargo ship turned off its radar.
South Korea has sent a plane and coastguard ship to help after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship off the coast of east China leaving 32 people, mostly Iranians, missing.
The mission of the warships is to provide security for Iranian oil tankers and trade cargo ships sailing in the high seas.
A Chinese fishing boat rammed on to a foreign cargo ship, and sank in the East China Sea on Saturday, leaving 17 people missing, state media reported.
The North Korean cargo ship impounded by the Philippine government has been moved to another area inside this free port to allow other ships to dock at the Naval Supply Depot (NSD) here.
SEUL (CyHAN)- A Chinese fishing boat collided with an unidentified cargo ship Thursday night in seas near South Korea 's southern resort island of Jeju, leaving 10 Chinese fishermen missing, the Yonhap news agency reported on Friday.
An unmanned cargo ship that was rocketed into space this weekend by Orbital Sciences Corporation is nearing the International Space Station where it plans to dock on Wednesday.
The two leaders met at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport where they welcomed Turkish and Georgian crew members of a cargo ship who returned safely after being held hostage for 16 months by Somali pirates.
Seoul, Dhu-AlHijjah 16, 1432, Nov 12, 2011, SPA -- Eight South Korean seamen were reported missing on Saturday after their fishing boat collided with a cargo ship near the country's western coast.
Summary: A Russian cargo ship has been launched to take supplies to the International Space Station.
A 79-year-old fisherman was killed after his boat collided with a Vietnamese cargo ship off Yokohama Wednesday morning, the 3rd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters said.
BATTERED by waves, a cargo ship lies stranded yesterday on rocks off Cornwall.
On Tuesday (11 March) the German cargo ship Katrin and Russian cargo ship Pioner Litvy collided southeast of Pelling, but no serious damage was caused to the ships or the environment.