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a liner that carries cargo

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The 'RMS' is a working luxury cargo liner, British owned and registered, built in 1989.
One of the best solutions for the SUV crowd is a wall-to-wall interior cargo liner.
You can reach the island on a cargo liner from the UK but plans are underway to build an airport.
A 67-year-old man died early Sunday after his leg was nearly severed by a crane on a docked cargo liner, authorities said.
In the report 'Asia-Pacific Sector Outlook 4Q 2016: Net Negative Outlook Bias Rises to 13 percent from 11 percent,' SandP said that across the region, the ports sector would face the strongest headwind with softening gross domestic product (GDP) growth and potential short-term impact from the recent bankruptcy filing of South Korean cargo liner Hanjin Shipping.
The pirates had hijacked the Egyptian cargo liner M.
He was a radio officer on the Empire Hope, a cargo liner carrying a deadly mix of kerosene, coal and explosives to the island.
Titanic was seven times the size of the average cargo liner of her day and also 50% bigger than the celebrated Tyne-built liner Mauretania.
The 11,635-ton Haverford was a solidly built passenger cargo liner constructed in 1901 by John Brown & Co of Glasgow for the International Navigation Co (INC), Liverpool.
In 1942, a British cargo liner ripped open her hull, leaving 80 passengers and crew stranded on the shoreline.
THE world's first long-distance cargo liner is celebrated in a new exhibition at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.
Heraklion was well-known in British shipping circles before moving to Greek ownership - she was originally the Bibby Line's passenger and cargo liner Leicestershire.
WITH the Port of London Authority donating a free berth in Canary Wharf to the exLiverpool-owned Glenlyon cargo liner, we still await news as to whether English Partnerships will offer a free berth to the historic last Liverpool Bar lightship, Planet.
Conolite(R) aircraft laminates are typically used as cargo liner for commercial jet aircraft.
On display in the Merseyside Maritime Museum's Liverpool World Gateway gallery is a scale 1:48 builder's model of the cargo liner Barnesmore.