cargo hold

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the space in a ship or aircraft for storing cargo

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According to the image maker of the airline, Chris Iwarah; 'Pilot-in-Command, Captain Adesola Arasi had to contact control tower when he was alerted by the light that came on in the cockpit suggesting that the cargo hold was opened for about 15 seconds and immediately shut.
Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 incorporates a unique combination of superior mechanical resistance, fibre and self-toughening technology for improved cargo hold protection.
But the family couldn't have accounted for the two-hour delay on the tarmac while their flight awaited departure from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, at which time PETA said the dog should have been removed from the cargo hold.
Upon further questioning, the authorities learned that the boy had jumped over a fence at the Shanghai airport and sneaked into the cargo hold when the security guard looked away, the report said.
Emirates can confirm that on 27 May, a stowaway was found in the cargo hold of flight EK303 from Shanghai to Dubai.
They determined that the crew had used a system of pumps and hoses to remove oily bilge water in the cargo hold.
The main engine of the ship was cut off and a fire fighting team of seven were instructed to gear up and enter Cargo Hold 4.
According to sources, the panel got ripped off the fuselage when the plane landed, leaving behind a huge hole in the cargo hold.
A Saudi Airlines flight with 321 passengers on board made an emergency landing at the Mumbai International Airport after the pilot noticed a fire alarm in the rear cargo hold of the aircraft, authorities said, according to Business Standard.
Hempadur Impact offers high-end abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance, and completes Hempel's range of cargo hold coatings.
Hempadur Impact completes the company's range of cargo hold coatings and has been designed to offer high-end abrasion, and impact and corrosion resistance.
Melbourne, September 24 ( ANI ): A crocodile managed to break free from its cage on a Qantas flight last week, and was found roaming free in the cargo hold when the plane touched down in Melbourne.
A VIRGIN Atlantic jet was forced to make an emergency landing because pollen from flowers stored in the cargo hold activated smoke detectors, investigators believe.
is introducing Intershield 803Plus, a new cargo hold coating specifically designed to address the key issue of impact damage from the loading of dry bulk cargoes.
However, the gangster has secreted crates of venomous serpents in the cargo hold and when they're released, all hell breaks lose.