cargo hold

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the space in a ship or aircraft for storing cargo

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The cameras allow the crew to quickly pinpoint and visualize high temperatures and combustion spots using infrared rays, not only in the cargo hold but also in other areas of the vessel, allowing remote monitoring of the engine room, for example.
At 8:04am, as the crew entered Cargo Hold 4, a massive explosion rocked the MSC FLAMINIA.
According to Qantas' statement, the Australian Air Express is investigating how the crocodile managed to roam free in the aircraft's cargo hold.
A source said there is concern there was a refrigeration problem in the cargo hold of the Airbus A330-300 aircraft an hour into the flight to Orlando on Monday.
However, the gangster has secreted crates of venomous serpents in the cargo hold and when they're released, all hell breaks lose.
CAIRO: An Egyptian airport official says six Arabian horses owned by a Saudi Arabian prince became agitated in the cargo hold of a Saudi-bound plane, delaying take off for more than an hour.
Pet Airways was created to provide a safe and comfortable alternative to flying pets in the cargo hold of planes.
One trip for their Jack Russell terrier in a plane's cargo hold convinced Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel that owners needed a better option to get their pets from one city to another.
The Danoosh suffered a crushed cargo hold and started listing.
The airline stated that all pets travelling on its services will be put in the main cabin, rather than the cargo hold as many have to when being transported on other carriers.
Abstract: Regarding imperative aircraft flight characteristics, cargo hold determined for passenger luggage handling, during flight, is dimensioned exclusively in determination of the possible dimensions.
After that, time flies as the hundreds of adders, pythons, boas and rattlers make their way from the cargo hold to the passengers' eye sockets and what not.
After discovering that a fracture attributed to substandard welding may have contributed to the destruction of the MSC CARLA--a container vessel that broke in half during rough weather in the North Atlantic--the P&I and cargo insurers filed suit against a Korean shipyard that had manufactured and installed an additional cargo hold in the mid-section of the ship approximately 13 years earlier.
Rebuilding ships by saving the engine room and installing a new cargo hold is currently part of Port Weller's activity.
A Qantas Airways jetliner bound for Perth, Australia, made an emergency landing at Kansai International Airport in Osaka early Sunday morning due to a smoke alarm for the cargo hold that was activated hours after taking off from Tokyo's Narita airport, police and airport officials said.