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hatch opening into the cargo compartment

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It is uncertain if the cargo hatch shields and elbow mounts for 7.
62mm machine gun at each side of the cargo hatch would greatly improve situational awareness by having continuous observation of three quadrants, and allow instant return fire against multiple RPG teams.
But the bell-shaped capsule still faced severe difficulties as it tried to attach itself to a cargo hatch in a precision manoeuvre and they failed in their mission.
This led to the lowering of the bow, which allowed heavy seas to destroy the cargo hatch covers one after another.
The men brandished guns and held up a banner demanding that the crew open a cargo hatch.
We turned off the motors, but since we can't reach the cargo hatch from inside the plane, it was up to them to open it themselves,'' Roy said.
There were different propellers and cowls, as well as different cargo hatch and passenger seating configurations; a choice of wheels, floats, or skis; individualized instruments and navigation equipment; and a choice of tail skids or tail wheels.
That includes the cargo hatch latch mechanism on your Bradley.
However, due to the threat of RPG and mine attack, it was standard operating procedure to operate in a potential engagement area with the combat team riding on top of the vehicle or standing on the floor of the vehicle with the cargo hatch folded back.
Crewmen, the cargo hatch on your M2/M3-series Bradley is quite heavy.