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door used to load or unload cargo

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Reports said that all the passengers were on board the ATR plane (PK-583) when its cargo door became dysfunctional at 8:30am before it left for Karachi.
Sources told Dawn when all the passengers boarded the PK-583 at 8:30am, the cargo door of the ATR plane stopped working.
Some of the Beluga XL's components are provided by external suppliers, including a significantly enlarged upper fuselage, a modified forward fuselage section with a lowered nose and cockpit, and a large forward cargo door allowing roll-on, roll-off loading directly onto the main deck.
With a large side cargo door the aircraft can be loaded quickly and easily, whether the cargo is made up of standard containers and pallets or nonstandard, outsized objects.
Previously when winds exceeded 30 knots they had to halt wing loading as it was too strong for the hinges of the Beluga's large main cargo door.
Muhammad Assaf with stevedore officer by cargo door in plane
The 737-700C is a derivative of the 737-700 with strengthened wings, a main-deck cargo door and an in-floor cargo-handling system.
Boothe to hang out the side of the aircraft to maintain control of the cargo door. The pilots quickly told tower of the situation and turned back to the runway.
Also, ensure the forward latches are fully engaged with the forward strikers before opening the cargo door from the rear position.
At about 1900 Central time, a section of the cargo door separated from the airplane during initial climb.
In June, Gulf News reported on some readers' complaints against Sharjah-based Al Rodah Marine Cargo and its Philippine counterpart, Rodah Cargo Door to Door All Over the Philippines.
SYDNEY: An Australian baggage handler had a nasty surprise when he opened the cargo door of a Qantas passenger flight to find a crocodile roaming loose in the hold, the airline said yesterday.
Royal Navy helicopter pilot Matt Punch flew the 9.5-tonne helicopter into a dramatic 60ft low hover above Tower Wharf, allowing British Royal Marine, Martyn Williams to fast rope from the cargo door to the ground and hand over the torch to double gold medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes who continued the Torch Relay.
The accident was probably caused by a cargo door coming open during the flight, leading to a sudden loss of cabin pressure and damage to controls, making it impossible for the crew to regain control.
It has a 36-inch-wide cargo door for safe and rapid patient loading and unloading.