cargo cult

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(Melanesia) the followers of one of several millenarian cults that believe salvation will come in the form of wealth ('cargo') brought by westerners

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a religious cult that anticipates a time of joy, serenity, and justice when salvation comes

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In cargo cult myths, this brother is associated with Euro-Americans (Pomponio, Counts and Harding 1994).
It points out that carbon credit trading schemes share important features with the mentality that drives the cargo cult phenomena, which explains their attraction to the official economic planners.
But confusions were inevitable when, in the second edition of his cargo cult study, he added a new Introduction applying a Weberian reading to his material.
I particularly liked the story of the Cargo Cult that evolved in the years following the Second World War, and saw the indigenous people constructing 'airports' and making radio antennae from coconuts and straw, in the hope of attracting the planes that had delivered supplies to US military personnel.
The David Hayes-trained six-year-old beat Cargo Cult two lengths, with the winner's stablemate Miss Finland taking third.
Frontman for the Austin band the Big Boys (and later Cargo Cult and Swine King), not to mention an inspired visual artist, Biscuit represented the band's participatory creed that anyone could get on the stage and create, and to make life "Fun, fun, fun.
studies I mentioned are examples of what I would like to call cargo cult science.
The idea that the economic development of any town should be based on someone else's garbage simply perpetuates the cargo cult so prevalent in many parts of rural Canada.
Though Elvira Phillpott's nephew now lives -- in Papua New Guinea and is a convert and shaman to the Cargo Cult, be once attended Sunday school here.
In this context, the liberal hope that the party could be reformed and revived seemed to fit the anthropological definition of a cargo cult.
cargo cult (originally in the Pacific Islands): a belief in the forthcoming arrival of supernatural benefactors.
The definitions of cargo cult are examined as are the basic principles of the economics of education.
All those folk with Perot bumper stickers--the only political one I ever see on the highway apart from "Flush Rush"--will now relapse into furious torpor or join the other great cargo cult, which proposes that had he not been murdered, J.
Edwards' brand of cargo cult economics, in which the symptoms of prosperity are mistaken for its cause, should be shouted down from all sides.
Psychology Led Astray: Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy