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a large container for freight

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The results above reveal that the current weight of a baseline LD-3 air cargo container can be reduced by as much as 77percent when the aluminum plates are replaced, through an integrated design approach, by a composite sandwich panel.
But focusing on cargo containers and ports without also securing cruise ships and ferries "is like bolting down the front door of a house and leaving the back door wide open," the report said.
The CommerceGuard security system, supported by a global business collaboration between GE Security, Mitsubishi Corporation, Samsung Corporation, and Siemens Building Technology features the first market-ready container security device (CSD) that magnetically adheres to the inside of an international cargo container and registers any opening of the container door.
Large-scale Gamma-Ray/X-Ray Imaging Systems--These massive units can transmit and reflect images of the contents of a cargo container, rail car, vehicle or trailer-truck.
The latest version of the CommerceGuard System delivers state-of-the art technology in a container security device (CSD) that can detect and report intermodal cargo container intrusions.
We built up to this test by dropping a cargo container that contained steel plates with the same mass properties as the mobile gun system,'' Jones said.
CommerceGuard features a CSD that attaches to the inside of an international cargo container and registers openings of the container door.
LONG BEACH - At least 20 stowaways were found huddling inside a cramped cargo container at Long Beach Harbor on Monday night, and authorities said they may have been holed up there a month or more on a voyage from China.
L-3 to develop fully integrated cargo container security device to ensure supply chain integrity, automatically detecting threats that no other sealed cargo screening technology can discover in real time, including human beings, unauthorized entries or container breaches
The CommerceGuard solution features a Container Security Device (CSD) that magnetically adheres to the inside of an international cargo container and registers any opening of the container door.
Atop dirt scraped from San Pedro Bay, it is building the world's largest cargo container terminal for the world's largest shipping line for use starting in 2002.
Savi Networks, a provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based information services to monitor cargo container shipments, and the Maritime Logistics Innovation Center (MLIC) announce an agreement to help Georgia's industries and logistics providers enhance their competitiveness in the global marketplace.
Officials reported Wednesday that trade levels reached an all-time high at the neighboring Port of Long Beach last month, with total cargo container volume jumping 19 percent in May compared to a year ago.
This new software module is designed for use with its ToughTalker(TM) line of Cargo Container Security modules.
In 2004, the Department of Homeland Security awarded Q-Track a research contract to explore the use of NFER(TM) technology to locate a cargo container buried in a large stack of cargo containers.