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a large container for freight

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CakeBoxx's doorless intermodal cargo container reduces significant terrorism risks presently facing the containerized global supply chain at ports, distribution centers, manufacturers and retailers.
GE Security and its global partners today announced the release of the latest version of the CommerceGuard[TM] System, which is designed to further increase security of cargo containers and ports by addressing dangerous vulnerabilities in today's global supply chain.
The system allows quicker and safer transfer of air cargo containers to and from trailer loading bays as well as easier and more efficient movement of containers within the terminal.
The armored car's cargo container is equipped with 10 parachutes - each 100 feet in diameter - that allow the container to hit the ground with the same force as if it had been dropped from 12 feet off the ground, Jones said.
The company's strategy for penetration of the China market includes consulting/design services, supply of total air cargo container handling systems as well as of other airport ground support equipment.
Titan will also adapt its PositCOMM(TM) system technology to ICMS' ProfitMAX(TM) system specification for intermodal cargo container tracking and monitoring applications as well as manufacture the units for ICMS.
The cargo container they were found inside of was one of perhaps as many as 100 at the harbor Monday night, and authorities were searching the others to see if they might contain people.
L-3 to develop fully integrated cargo container security device to ensure supply chain integrity, automatically detecting threats that no other sealed cargo screening technology can discover in real time, including human beings, unauthorized entries or container breaches
The CommerceGuard solution features a Container Security Device (CSD) that magnetically adheres to the inside of an international cargo container and registers any opening of the container door.
Atop dirt scraped from San Pedro Bay, it is building the world's largest cargo container terminal for the world's largest shipping line for use starting in 2002.
Savi Networks, a provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based information services to monitor cargo container shipments, and the Maritime Logistics Innovation Center (MLIC) announce an agreement to help Georgia's industries and logistics providers enhance their competitiveness in the global marketplace.
Officials reported Wednesday that trade levels reached an all-time high at the neighboring Port of Long Beach last month, with total cargo container volume jumping 19 percent in May compared to a year ago.
This new software module is designed for use with its ToughTalker(TM) line of Cargo Container Security modules.
In 2004, the Department of Homeland Security awarded Q-Track a research contract to explore the use of NFER(TM) technology to locate a cargo container buried in a large stack of cargo containers.