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a large container for freight

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The units use non-intrusive means to screen trucks, cargo containers, rail cars and other conveyances for radiation.
5 inches thick, and the cargo container wall three inches thick, for a total 4.5 inches of metal to be x-rayed, Mangaoang said.
DHS and CBP established the Secure Freight Initiative (SFI) to test the feasibility of scanning 100 percent of U.S.-bound cargo containers, but face challenges expanding the program.
According to JAL, the pilot found the cargo container, measuring about 1.5-2 meters on each side and weighing about 100 kilograms, stuck in the left-wing engine when the jumbo jet was running the taxiway for take-off at around 1:30 p.m.
Maritime counterterrorism efforts are too focused on port security and cargo containers, leaving cruise ships and ferries wide open to the possibility of deadly and costly terrorist attacks, according to a book-length study of the issue by Rand Corp.
The executive officer of the 840th Distribution Deployment Support Battalion examines a cargo container at Logistics Support Area (LSA) Anaconda in Iraq.
The curious cat from Wisconsin who disappeared two months ago and wound up travelling to France in a cargo container arrived at Milwaukee airport last night, greeted by her family and a horde of reporters and TV crews.
Like the A-22 cargo container, it could be used for both high- and low-velocity CDS airdrops.
Now, thanks to MPOCs, DPOCs and MMCS, along with new technological advances, such as handheld scanners and radio frequency identification tags--fielded by PEO EIS' Product Manager, Automatic Identification Technology--on every air pallet and cargo container, logisticians can keep track of cargo every step of the way.
They were discovered hidden in a cargo container aboard a truck in south-east Ireland in December 2001.
The crane operator uses this feature to align the spreader bar over the cargo container, and eliminates painstaking positioning of containers.
Harris Golf Club took the 40ft cargo container from a ship and sank it to create 'The Bunker'.
Hong Kong police said Monday they have intercepted 12 illegal immigrants from mainland China in a cargo container bound for the United States, the second such discovery in two months.
For his first solo exhibition in New York, Darren Almond parked Mean Time, 2000, a forty-foot orange commercial cargo container, customized with a giant built-in digital clock, right in the middle of the gallery, and it took up just about all of the space.