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the space in a ship or aircraft for storing cargo

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The printed note, in Urdu and English, said the flight had hijackers on board and a bomb in the cargo area and should be flown straight to Pakistan-administered Kashmir.
As agents conducted their inspection, a K-9 alerted to the cargo area of the trailer.
The whole cargo area was cordoned off and CISF was called in.
abused his job as a porter at the airport and used to open passengers' luggage while transporting them between the terminal's cargo area and planes.
The authorities at the airport had cordoned off the cargo area and all the staff have been evacuated.
There's better interior space and a larger cargo area.
4-6] If there is a collision, travelling in the cargo area of an LDV is associated with a mortality rate double that associated with travelling in a closed sedan.
The cargo area allotted for the Kazakh-Chinese terminal is 21.
07mn), were stolen on October 20 from the cargo area in Kuala Lumpur's International Airport, where they had arrived in a shipment.
Mini, a subsidiary of BMW AG (Xetra: BMW), is equipping its 2013 Countryman with a flat load floor in the cargo area, and bucket seats will become optional.
The racing pedigree dog stole away during a walk and slipped past a manned access point into a cargo area at Manchester.
In addition to the sleek and aerodynamic body, the CR-V features higher fuel economy, enhanced ride comfort and a roomier interior and cargo area for better utility than ever before.
The cat was last seen in the cargo area of JFK in New York, according to media reports.
The test vehicle had rear-opening doors and a side slider to the cargo area and was able to swallow 10.
The property, which is located near the Airport Cargo area of Miami International Airport, will be used by buyer Passion Growers as a coolered warehouse and distribution center.