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the quantity that a car will hold

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* followed by a clean in IPA and a carful drying with nitrogen
So I've developed a bit of a thing for Pharrell and Lady Gaga and enjoy a carful of singing, happy children."
Dontre adds, “After conducting a carful inspection we will apply product to affected areas (up to 20 linear feet) this consists of liquid and foam applications using Termidor SC.
From a long time ago, considering organizations as social players and carful considerations of needs and issues by experts have established a suitable situation for the development of social capitals within the organizations.
He had been arrested earlier in the summer in Virginia with a carful of weapons, authorities said, and a federal prosecutor said Monday in court that Gonzalez had had a map then with the White House circled.
A carful of less-than-stellar writers hurtles along train tracks in a railroad-writing seminar.
On the other hand, according to Gledis Gjipali, executive director of the European Movement of Albania, following the recent protests in Albania, governments will be much more carful as to what demands they should and should not accept as public support will hereafter be taken into consideration more.
Carful assessment suggested that no vessels suitable for second AV fistula.
"Historically, it's a great profit center because the margins can be good, but you can also have a lot of waste if you're not carful," Shanks noted.
A carful observation with breast ultrasound is an option for patients not at high risk for breast cancer.8
At 3 a.m., they say fare-well to a carful of exhausted, inebriated guests: Carmen's stoned brother, his drunk girlfriend (the driver), a musician friend, and the bride and groom's gay sisters, who are entangled romantically in the backseat.
Worries about destroying the ventral nerve cord can be remedied by performing a dorsal dissection with carful removal of the viscera.
She bursts through the door loaded with bags of bread, boxes of pizza, and a carful of fellow students.
During an audience at the World Economic Forum in Jordan, Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud said that the oil-rich country must be carful not to allow politics to influence the award of contracts, saying "I can advise the coming interim government that the economic rule should be the rule.