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Synonyms for caress

Synonyms for caress

to touch or stroke affectionately

Synonyms for caress

a gentle affectionate stroking (or something resembling it)

Related Words

touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner

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Give them some way of braying brassily For caressive calling Or to homophonous hiccoughs Transpose the laugh Let them suppose that tears Are snowdrops or molasses Or anything Than human insufficiencies Begging dorsal vertebrae.
This is still recognizably the world of Spindrift--the soft, caressive landscape, the half lights of "eventide" and dawn, and the derivative phrasing.
The central spondee in "Upon the steep floor flung from dawn to dawn," for example, bolstered by alliteration, suggests a precipitant but caressive violence that is--even before the reader's train of interpretation has arrived at the epiphanies of the last two lines--somehow numinous with meaning because so stressed, so stressful, and so desired.
TWO BOOKS, BOTH COMPACT, made up of short prose texts of at once sparse, discreet, and yet powerfully evocative and even intensely imaginative manner, all devoted to directly yet obliquely lived moments: Pierre Michon's proclivity--already manifest in his Vie de Joseph Roulin (1988), L'Empereur d'Occident (1999), and Rimbaud le fils (1992)--for the revisiting of documented lived existence continues here, in Abbes and Corps du roi, unabated, fervent, informed, caressive, finely eloquent yet beyond the prestige and shimmer of sheer style, much though language may offer itself as a tool of delicate memorialization, in itself precariously transcendent of life's seeming brittlenesses.
War's repetitive excess threatens the very life of the poetic imagination: "because of this my strong sight, / my clear caressive sight, my poet's sight I was given / that it might stir me to song, / is blurred.