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Synonyms for caress

Synonyms for caress

to touch or stroke affectionately

Synonyms for caress

a gentle affectionate stroking (or something resembling it)

Related Words

touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner

References in classic literature ?
Jerry roused to Skipper's entrance under the blanket, and, quite as if it were a long-established custom, curled in between his arm and side, and, after one happy sniff and one kiss of his cool little tongue, as Skipper pressed his cheek against him caressingly, dozed off to sleep.
The wolf hounds bristled and growled at the scent of wild beasts that clung to her garment; but when she laid her hand upon their heads and her soft voice murmured caressingly they half-closed their eyes, lifting their upper lips in contented canine smiles.
Bread," said Newman, almost caressingly, "don't make yourself uncomfortable.
As Celia bent over the paper, Dorothea put her cheek against her sister's arm caressingly.
and in the east room, which was her greatest triumph, she said caressingly, 'My nain bonny room
Again he passed his long, slender hand caressingly over the coffin-like vat at the head of which was a placard bearing the words, NUMBER THIRTEEN.
Bear with my obstinacy," she went on, laying her hand caressingly on Crayford's shoulder.
In the,first place he gives Moa Artua an affectionate hug, then caressingly lays him to his breast, and, finally, whispers something in his ear; the rest of the company listening eagerly for a reply.
He sat slowly down, blew out his chest, passed his hand caressingly down his beard, and looked with drooping eyelids and supercilious eyes at the crowded hall before him.
We have become careful not only of our "Albatross" but of all those who surround us and caressingly love them as we love our own.
The magic of taking something -- a message -- and getting it across, and people appreciating it, and the applau-au-ause," she says caressingly, stretching out the word to twice its length.
From just right touches of silver-glinting alloy and caressingly soft leather to a level of fit and finish that must have meant all leave cancelled at the Bremen plant where it was built, this is a car that makes an owner glow with pride of ownership.
And a special mention must go to the clarinets, caressingly warm as befits the seductive Mediterranean.
Bach was intimately buoyant; Schubert, sensitively melodious; Beethoven, dramatically passionate; Rossini, caressingly legate.
Caressingly I stroke Rough bark of the friendly oak.