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Synonyms for caress

Synonyms for caress

to touch or stroke affectionately

Synonyms for caress

a gentle affectionate stroking (or something resembling it)

Related Words

touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner

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Dubai: A mechanic, who mistook a secretary for a masseuse and caressed her back for seconds before telling her he needed a massage, has been accused of molestation.
There was a sexual element with the touching as you caressed her thigh for a substantial period of time.
Dubai: An amusement park employee who touched his co-worker's face and caressed her upper body has been jailed for three months.
Being gently caressed by another person is both a physical and an emotional experience.
Just because you've caressed and kissed a woman once that doesn't make you lesbian or bisexual and you don't have to pin labels on yourself.
In response Katy, 24, caressed a teddy bear and asked: "You don't have a crush on me, do you?
Gun writers often use different verbs for basic actions: "Aiming the old musket carefully, I caressed the trigger." Definitions of caress, however, usually involve "gentle touching as an expression of affection." I freely admit to liking rifles, and even being really fond of some, but generally I don't pull the trigger as an expression of affection.
Kumar Sangakkara caressed 112 in a total of 302-7 and medium-pacer Ajantha Mendis was the chief-destroyer with 4-47.
I smiled at her, caressed her wee face with my hand and gave her a big kiss.
Save Me and Wise Up were the pick and her stripped-back sound caressed crystal-clear vocals.
If you haven't seen it, the painting portrays a naked young woman with long hair being caressed and coiled by a large serpent from foot to shoulder.
Nowhere near fully fit, but the odd caressed touch and cunning run lit up the night.
Three hours south of Santiago, this sloping valley caressed by salty ocean breezes and the town of Santa Cruz within it have become the testing ground for Chile as a world-class wine producer.
I like photographs that are small, made to be viewed in books or, ideally, held in one's hands, destined to be turned, caressed, and scrutinized up close.
Of course, some of them are die-hard Showtime subscribers who can't get through 45 minutes of anything without a female nipple being caressed. The American adapters of the British series have obligingly provided them with a lesbian couple as nipple-happy as any of the silicon sweeties in those "erotic thrillers" you can find all night long on Showtimes 1, 2, 3, and--the best--Showtime Extreme.