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Synonyms for caress

Synonyms for caress

to touch or stroke affectionately

Synonyms for caress

a gentle affectionate stroking (or something resembling it)

Related Words

touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner

References in classic literature ?
The hand of this high god had almost caressed his head when the woman's voice came down the deck in speech that Jerry did not understand.
Soothed, however, by caresses, he began after a time to gather confidence and wag his tail, and at length was brought to follow close at the heels of his captors, still, however, darting around furtive and suspicious glances, and evincing a disposition to scamper off upon the least alarm.
Captain Bonneville and his men, however, were by no means disposed to renew their confiding intimacy with these crafty savages, and above all, took care to avoid their pilfering caresses. They remarked one precaution of the Crows with respect to their horses; to protect their hoofs from the sharp and jagged rocks among which they had to pass, they had covered them with shoes of buffalo hide.
Whenever I sat, it would crouch beneath my chair, or spring upon my knees, covering me with its loathsome caresses. If I arose to walk it would get between my feet and thus nearly throw me down, or, fastening its long and sharp claws in my dress, clamber, in this manner, to my breast.
He no sooner fixed his mind on the probable consequences of giving way to the emotions which had stolen over him to-day--of continuing to notice Hetty, of allowing himself any opportunity for such slight caresses as he had been betrayed into already--than he refused to believe such a future possible for himself.
Mr Caress, who has had his own battles with depression and mental health, will take part in the run with his cocker spaniel Monty.
Caress, Salud and Alex's only girl, also wore a Pitoy Moreno gown to go with the veil in 1981, while Caress' daughter Carla paired her Amir Sali gown with her grandmother's heirloom piece during her 2017 wedding.
Although Touched isn't exactly breaking new ground in the genre, it caresses all the right nerve endings.
Summary: Woman said the defendant caressed her but he claims her obtained her permission to check out the henna on her eyebrow and hand
So in a move that will surely stir comment, Sweet Caress is illustrated with photographs purportedly of and by Amory.
While both of these books and others written about alternative rock and culture can contribute to a music industry curriculum, no other single volume rivals this new work by Adam Caress both in terms of its weight as an important work of music history, and in what it reveals to students of the music business.
Bloomsbury reportedly acquired world English rights (excluding Canada) to Sweet Caress and will be releasing the title simultaneously in the US and the UK.
The new Flawless Brush Set from Delicate Caress Cosmetics is a large collection of natural fiber and synthetic fiber makeup brushes, designed to make makeup application easy.
In paradise, our Prophet will caress that hair, those innocent heads.
There's precedent, after all: Caress noted that the Eugene Marathon has been "extremely successful" since its inception in 2007.