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Synonyms for role

Synonyms for role

the proper activity of a person or thing

one's proper or expected function in a common effort

Synonyms for role

the actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group

what something is used for

normal or customary activity of a person in a particular social setting

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As result of their caregiver role, well spouses may have less time and energy to devote to childcare, whereas the spouse with the disability or illness may also have less energy because of the illness.
In the caregiver role, library media specialists use both personal and academic support and confrontation to help students find meaningful connections to their learning.
This content included information on caregiver role, communication, and caregiver burden but did not mention cultural or ethnic differences or interventions to address these concerns (Ferrell et al.
Reasons for not initiating permanency planning include: (a) belief by the caregiver that they would outlive their son or daughter, (b) "mutual dependencies" (Wood, 1993) where the caregiver role can be gratifying and the adult child may provide both material and emotional assistance to the caregiver, and (c) the realization that acceptable residential alternatives are limited (Wood, 1993).
While all caregivers face stress and frustration, we found that men often have a harder time dealing with a caregiver role.
Wendy McInnis-Hall has developed a new business, Life Tree Personal Services, LLC, located in Bend, Oregon with the aim of relieving some of the burden faced by baby boomers in this dual caregiver role and empower seniors who want to continue living at home.
This process encompassed several subprocesses, including adapting to a new reality, seeing some good come from it, engaging in spirituality, and gaining confidence in caregiver role.
They tended to minimize emotional distress, to deny relational problems, to have a caregiver role, to be self-reliant, and to have a strong work ethic.
Although he touched on altruistic and self-actualization themes, the existential or purpose-in-life themes, such as religion, society, caring, and life meaning, permeated the content and manner in which he presented his caregiver role.
Voluntary caregivers are often unsung heroes and the BRAVE Awards recognize the important and sometimes undervalued caregiver role that family, friends and neighbors play in the lives of others around the world," said Angus Russell, Shire Chief Executive Officer.
Current literature provides evidence that caregivers are dissatisfied with the information, support, and skill preparation delivered in the acute phase of stroke, challenging their ability to successfully transition into the caregiver role (Garrett & Cowdell, 2005; O'Connell et al.
It's fitting that National Family Caregivers Month is also in November, as taking on such an important caregiver role can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming.