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Synonyms for carefreeness

the cheerful feeling you have when nothing is troubling you

the trait of being without worry or responsibility

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When picking the squad it was important for us to have the right mix of experience, carefreeness and freshness," Loew told a news conference.
Fimi notes, "The Victorian fairies came to be more and more associated with a spirit of carefreeness, gaiety and whimsy, which could not fit Tolkien's scheme for a serious mythology with the Elves as the main tragic figures" (22).
The fields, the scent of the fruits from the trees, the games other children took part in were my daily moments of happiness and carefreeness.
At the end of last year, a few weeks before Christmas, Magdalena Kozena gave an interview in Berlin to the journal Harmonie in which she talked about anniversaries (in May she will be celebrating her 40th birthday), taking stock and what the future holds, about her vocation (which she considers beautiful and enjoyable), as well as about the growing burden of demands and expectations as opposed to the erstwhile carefreeness.