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Synonyms for carefree

Synonyms for carefree

free from care or worry

Synonyms for carefree

free of trouble and worry and care


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acted as financial advisor to Carefree Communities and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP acted as legal advisor.
With Carefree Kidz' focus on functionality and creativity, this lines of mattresses reflects their values and standards perfectly.
Single, Carefree, Mellow is named for a story in which Maya ponders leaving her boyfriend of five years, then decides there is "such a thing as too much loss.
For years, Carefree daily liners have been a stylist's secret for protecting designer looks and keeping celebrities fresh and confident on-set and on the red carpet," said Anastasia Tobias, senior brand manager at Energizer Personal Care, a unit of Energizer Holdings Inc.
As we regularly talk with consumers worldwide, we consistently hear about the importance of experiencing the carefree feelings of childhood at any age," said Sheeba Philip, Global Brand Director for Oreo.
Despite this overwhelming desire, 59 percent of adults are not spending moments of carefree fun on a daily basis.
Directo r: Dennis Dugan Star rating: CONTRARY to the title of this Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf scripted comedy, this is puerile nonsense that has nothing intelligent to say about the difficult transition from carefree youth to the suffocating responsibilities of adulthood.
A), a Canada-based tourism company, has entered into an associate dealer agreement with Carefree RV, a Canada-based recreation vehicle (RV) dealer.
Fresh-faced and carefree, emerging froma field of ripe wheat, she wears the soft and subtlenude shades of Clarins new make-up collection.
2 : lively and somewhat carefree <a breezy reply>
Twenty-four holiday designs, under the company's Carefree label, are scheduled to be available for the program.
Auto Business News-24 April 2008-VW America launches Carefree Maintenance Programme(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
In Carefree, he performs a solo on a golf course, incorporating fencing gestures, Scottish dancing, golf-club twirling, and a series of putts that sends each ball into the air between a syncopated tattoo of footwork.
Most modern music doesn't really have a carefree feel to it as it's too tortured and narrative and I didn't want music with vocals either.
Some youngsters learn too early that dating isn't all about carefree time at the beach, the movies or the mall.