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a professional who is intent on furthering his or her career by any possible means and often at the expense of their own integrity

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IDPs describe the territory and mark the routes for careerists to follow to reach their objectives and they benefit employees and their organizations in a variety of ways.
I'm honored to have been selected for this new role as Director of Innovation for the Florida Chapter and look forward to working with our volunteers to build engagement from our payers, physicians, early careerists and women leaders," said Birch.
Yet recent scandals, such as lavish spending on conferences by the General Services Administration (Rein and Smith 2012) and a top Environmental Protection Agency policy maker defrauding the agency of almost $1 million (Simpson 2013), seem to contradict the conventional wisdom that careerists are (less) immune from corruption.
He was fiercely opposed by a Conservative MP, Lord George Curzon, who said: "It will bring into the House shallow careerists who will make a business out of the duties and obligations of government.
We need a real alternative to these careerists - councillors who'll fight for the people of Coventry.
Many Tories are infuriated over the coup attempt by MPs - including George Eustice, the PM's former spin doctor - who are widely seen as careerists anxious to impress Mr Cameron.
Whether it's politicians or other public servants, careerists are increasingly usurping those who actually care about the lives of others.
We all leaguers are careerists, he said adding PML-Q had not made any consultation with him for joining the government.
Sex and the City had huge appeal among Mullerlight's target audience of body-conscious careerists, said Muller.
Maybe it's time for a change of political scenery, and Plaid is the only party in the Vale that seems to be run by ordinary local people not careerists.
Boundaryless careerists depend not on an employer's promises, but on their own skills, networks of contacts, and reputations with their true employer--the marketplace.
a member of Wenatchee's chapter of Business and Professional Women, competed with Young Careerists from across the United States.
New Labour's class warriors are uncultured careerists compared with the passion and commitment to the cause shown by their oppressed forefathers, it was claimed.
Maranto focuses on careerists, particularly those in the executive branch of the US federal government, and how they can improve transitions from one administration to the next by dealing effectively with political appointees.