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a professional who is intent on furthering his or her career by any possible means and often at the expense of their own integrity

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As the new administration becomes set in place, recent appointees get better acquainted with the careerists.
He was the world-famous scientist who consistently went where careerists generally only venture for photo opportunities The media knew nothing of his trips to the inner-city kindergarten, the pep rally for the district's teachers on the day before school started, and the ceremonies to naturalize new citizens--all to share his love of science and to encourage the questioning of authority.
Yet it violates the premise of these books: the relationship between appointees and careerists is, in the final analysis, superior to subordinate.
Economics can indeed be dismal when confined to bewildering graphs, stupefying charts, mind-numbing (and often wrong) theories, and classroom discussions led by tenured careerists who may have never worked outside academia.
Although the health care field has a long tradition of mentoring early careerists, we have not been nearly so conscientious about mentoring more senior careerists who have transitioned into different positions.
Those who look hardest at the Roman reactions are often careerists.
certified professionals are logistics careerists committed to lifelong learning in the service of sustainable business developments.
I highly recommend that all ASMC chapters with a significant number of early careerists within the FM community in their vicinity plan and conduct a Young Professionals Social Hour.
Time and again we have seen decent women MPs leave and be replaced by careerists who will put up with the Toy Town politics.
He was fiercely opposed by a Conservative MP, Lord George Curzon, who said: "It will bring into the House shallow careerists who will make a business out of the duties and obligations of government.
Hove and central Brighton on the Sussex coast are the only areas outside London in the 20 most favoured places by young careerists.
I fully agree with his statement that "free thinking is what we do well in this country" but can't go along with his stereotype of all politicians being self-serving careerists who, by implication, haven't got an independent thought in their heads.
In short, we would for over a generation have had parties and politicians that stood for something honest and recognisable instead of the rival groups of careerists and cranks that masquerade under the old names but really just compete for the sake of office and perks.