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a professional who is intent on furthering his or her career by any possible means and often at the expense of their own integrity

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"Jairam Ramesh is careerist and cannot win even a panchayat election.
As an early careerist, his ASMC involvement during his first enlistment greatly set him up for success as he decided to make the Marine Corps/Comptrollership a career.
Like many other bureaus or agencies with few appointees, the structure of embassy management means that the ambassador, regardless of professional background, works closely with a careerist deputy; in this case, that position is the deputy chief of mission (DCM).
* Careerist: National A (Bronze) Complete National A Class in Career Mode.
Rigby, an author and journalist for financial and business publications, draws from "The Careerist" column he writes for the Financial Times to offer professionals a guide to about 100 ways to improve their careers.
A delightful surprise at the Tribeca Film Festival, partly because the film so little resembles its description, Stephen Maing's "High Tech, Low Life" ostensibly examines censorship of the Internet and news media in China, But the pic is driven less by its subject matter than by its two very different and utterly fascInating bloggers: Twentysomething Zhou Shuguang is unabashedly careerist, seeing blogging as a means of self-promotion, while 57-year-old Zhang Shihe is genuinely dedicated to helping the poor find justice.
They say online and mobile crazieRBrands games are designed to raise that awareness among the college, MBA and early careerist demographic by improving recall of the Reckitt Benckiser brand and tying it back to its brands.
Indeed, roughly 70% of this young careerist demographic owns a smart phone, and 81% of them play mobile games on a weekly basis.
"Women can examine their attitudes and shift toward careerist thinking --and companies can support these women with training and advancement programs."
More women than men, by a ratio of 3 to 1, identify themselves as "home-centered" rather than "careerist" and look for careers where they can combine work and family.
It is this contrast, between the worthy but dull careerist pen-pushers and the flamboyant household names from sporting and showbiz worlds, that inevitably turns the honours list into a biannual talking shop.
At that summit, Bush famously said of Putin, a cold, authoritarian KGB careerist: "I looked the man in the eye.