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a professional who is intent on furthering his or her career by any possible means and often at the expense of their own integrity

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Our partnership with Brazen Careerist is yet another effective sourcing for SmartRecruiters' clients," said Jerome Ternynck, Chief Executive Officer of MrTed.
Slender and six-foot-four, with a short and thick dark beard going gray, Mark is a boundaryless careerist whose skill is his knowledge of semiconductor production, tie is senior director for manufacturing solutions at STMicroelectronics, one of the world's five leading semiconductor companies and rival of the American giants Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.
Established in 1964, Young Careerist involves a competitive selection process within local organizations, districts/regions and 54 state federations, resulting in the selection of a Young Careerist to represent each state federation at the BPW/USA annual National Conference.
In this context, today's popular management snake oil term refers to how we careerists make the turn to the new administration.
Tom Murr, a well-seasoned CPSC careerist, was named Acting Executive Director.
The studio chiefs, careerist Red-hunting politicians, and J.
Seemingly sensitive to the depredations of the Orwellian world of Women's Centers and intrusive, careerist power, Prose's novel even aspires to being a Darkness at Noon for our times.
By contrast, in Two Thousand and None Turturro's Benjamin is a careerist whose work means everything to him until he is compelled to face the void, and for Paragamian, the terminally ill yuppie had to be a paleontologist, rather than a stock market trader or a dot-com entrepreneur.
However, this would seem to contradict a widespread and unflattering myth about him: Carl Sagan as the ruthlessly ambitious careerist.
This is an important book at the close of the millennium, since it offers an insider's view of the American system of higher education and takes no prisoners in its assault on the personal politics and careerist pasturing of colleagues who have left Kernan marveling that anybody who p asses through America's schools can recognize the shadows on the wall as something less than Reality.
Artech House has published The Complete Wireless Communications Professional: A Guide for Engineers and Managers by William Webb, an overview of engineering, financial, and marketing principles for today's wireless careerist.
According to Massing, Bennett's interest in the job was entirely careerist.
Following from this, our hypothesis would be that careerist girls with work as a central life domain should be more confident about nontraditional masculine-style careers, and be less concerned with future family commitments.
Approximately 35 early careerist defense financial managers (members of ASMC, as well as some non-members) participated in the event and by all accounts the feedback Indicated It was very well received.
He could flatter with the best of them occasionally but he was never a careerist, a brown-noser, a systematic butterer-up of those who could get him preferment.