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the practice of advancing your career at the expense of your personal integrity

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My columns will touch on celibacy, homosexuality, careerism, ambition, corruption of wealth, and misogyny.
And we have to struggle," he said, noting that Curia officials had to be careful not to succumb to materialism and careerism. He has told priests and nuns to use simple cars instead of the latest models.
At its worst, careerism can also lead subordinates to curry favour with their superiors by engaging in unethical behaviour, such as complying with ethically ambiguous orders, keeping problems quiet, failing to voice dissent when a situation calls for it, and basically "going along" to get ahead.
JEREMY CO Y RBYN, like every other Labour politician, has to walk the tightrope between dogmatism on the left and careerism on the right.
Francis has frequently spoken out against careerism in the church.
Arendt made it clear that great acts of tyranny may be the result of simple traits, the worst of which, she argued, was "careerism." Eichmann was actually a mediocre bureaucrat, who believed he must carry out orders given to him in the best way possible so that he would be favored by his party.
Evoking masculine, dangerously intimate, polished surfaces, Straight Razor reveals libidinous encounters, elegies, and satires on careerism in poetry.
The third essay, "Careerism in the Military Services: An Analysis of Its Nature, Why It Is Wrong and What Might Be Done about It," perhaps the most widely applicable one in the book, addresses wrongs and corrections that occur daily.
Sydney, June 8 ( ANI ): Pope Francis, who has railed against "careerism" in the Catholic Church since being elected as its leader three months ago, has said he never wanted to be pope. also reported that Francis complained that Italy has an "excessive number" of dioceses (well above 200) and that the bishops should reduce this number in order to prevent what he termed as "careerism."
The two cases have profound implications for the church leadership: as the UK's Tablet pointed out, the Vatican never denied the documents' authenticity, nor did any officials discuss their more controversial contents "showing instances of financial corruption, mismanagement, factional fighting and careerism involving the priests and bishops that run the Roman Curia." Further, the Vatican Radio report of the ex-butler's testimony included his naming of four Vatican insiders with whom he "shared confidences": retired Cardinal Paolo Sardi; Cardinal Angelo Comastri; Ingrid Stampa, one of the Pope's longtime assistants; and Bishop Franceso Cavina.
"He allowed a proliferation of feuds, small centers of power that fought among themselves with much ambition, careerism and betrayals."
Too often we give an impression to the outside world of confrontations and careerism rather than serving the faithful," he said.
The ancient church recognized the corrupting possibility of careerism among bishops, which is why canon 15 of the Council of Nicaea forbade the transfer of bishops from one city to the next.
Coverage includes barriers to women in the first half of the 20th century; women running in primaries, winning primaries, and winning general elections into Congress from 1956 to 2010; the development of careerism in Congress and incumbency and the impact on women's political opportunities; transformations in individual decisions to run for office; comparisons of the competitive environment faced by female and male House incumbents; the developing gap between numbers of Democratic and Republican women in the House; the role of party in women candidates' success; and congressional women in the second half of the 21st century.