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a man who is a careerist

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Bush's predecessor as DCI was William Colby, a CIA career man mostly famous for running the Phoenix assassination program in Vietnam and testifying with undue frankness in the Church Congressional hearings into the CIA.
The pseudo-anonymous Magimel astutely uses his clean good looks to fill the shoes of the hard-working young career man whose secret inner urges derail his normal life.
He was the ambitious, aggressive, career man who refused to sit back and let Margaret take the spotlight.
They are not all the 'desperate for a husband' singletons portrayed in the phenomenally successful novel Bridget Jones' Diary, more the independent career man or woman such as the glamourous girls in Sex in the City.
He's a career man making anywhere from $100 to $350 a day, out there in hurricane territory for long stretches without his family.
From 2003 (time of your appointment) to date you have undermined everything including your career man.
I'm a career man in my late 40s who never really found time to settle down.
Faldo the more studious, clean-living career man who'd rather prop up the corner of a driving range than the end of a bar.
He is a career man and he looked frustrated more than anything when we saw him on television.
The revelations of the final 15 minutes,however,don't ring true, and Gavin's act of self-sacrifice ultimately paints him as an unsympathetic career man, rather than a hero.
Dr Maule believes that the successful career man is often also the type of person who will be attracted to the risk of motorcycle riding.
The Company offers a distinctive collection of clothing and accessories necessary to dress the career man from head to toe, business dress and business casual, all sold under the Jos.
A stressed career man gets more than he bargained for when he's given a remote control that allows him to rewind and fast forward through his life.
He is a career man, and he looked frustrated more than anything when we sawhim on TV.
When a politician resigns to spend more time with his family - and means it - we can see that even the most ambitious career man considers that playing a role in the upbringing of his children is vital.
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