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a woman who is a careerist

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This is a smart, streetwise, no-nonsense career girl who has always known what she wanted and where she was going.
She said: "Because I am doing law and have always been a really hard worker, I suppose I would be the career girl.
She was a career girl, very ambitious, and seemed to give that priority over our marriage.
The high-flying career girl loves her new job, but it has one big drawback - it keeps her away from Scots boyfriend Pete.
in which Sex And The City's Sarah Jessica Parker plays a harried wife, mum and career girl.
Career girl Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, power-walked to the office in a frumpy skirt suit, complete with obligatory shoulder pads, and trainers - topping it all off with a pudding bowl haircut.
8 Farewell Stacey - Joanna Page becomes a feisty career girl
We follow two completely different people, slacker Ben Stone (portrayed to perfection by Seth Rogen) and career girl Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) as their paths cross on a drunken bender which leads to a one night stand.
40-Year-Old Virgin director Judd Apatow brings us this comedy about a mismatched career girl and a slob who attempt to forge a relationship after their drunken one-night stand leads to pregnancy.
CAREER girl Ellie has finally found the perfect man and the perfect home and is ready to live happily ever after.
I went on to take the career girl route, straight out of the 1990s handbook.
Advertising executive Amelia said: "Being a career girl makes me a more interesting, sexy person.
Denise has made her mark as a single-minded career girl - but not at the cost of her love life.
Cameron Diaz stars as career girl Christina, who dedicates herself to dating without any emotional ties.
Heigl reflects the vulnerability and confusion of her career girl, while Rogen slowly reveals the caring side to his lackadaisical dreamer.
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