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a woman who is a careerist

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Counsel said that the former 'career girl' was a 'gentle and charming lady' but had great difficulty with speech, mobility, reasoning and decision-making.
"For years I used the excuse that I was a career girl and too busy to cook.
KNOCKED UP ITV2 9PM Slob Seth Rogen nabs a one-night stand with career girl Katherine Heigl, who's too drunk to notice a lack of protection.
While single career girl Cagney spent the latter part of the show's seven seasons battling with alcoholism and still turning up to work, sweet-natured Lacey juggled her children and husband with a panache that would make the citizens of Wisteria Lane look twice.
In the case of The Back-Up Plan, love blossoms within minutes of Lopez's successful career girl undertaking her first round of IVF to achieve her dream of a papoose to match her designer-label handbag.
The 31-year-old, who is set to make a comeback on I'm A Celebrity jungle, said she was ready to remind people of her metal as a working mum and career girl.
Friends star Jennifer Aniston plays a single career girl who realises that what's holding her back at work is the lack of a boyfriend.
The team help transform the appearance of a former Navy career girl and mother of five.
MERYL Streep plays a therapist who lends a regular sympathetic ear to Manhattan career girl Uma Thurman.
Career girl Louise Redknapp is keen to show there's more to life as a Wag than just the media image of footballers' wives.
And as Spector sniffs another lock of hair culled from the lifeless corpse of a career girl, women everywhere are consigning their Jamie Dornan posters to the bin - after all, no one wants to see that face staring down at you in the middle of the night any more.
centres on a 20-something career girl who imposes a strict limit on the number of men she is allowed to sleep with before she finds her Prince Charming.
Five years ago Coleen launched herself as a career girl and made her own pounds 5million fortune with best-selling books, a perfume and her popular ITV2 reality show.
Nicky Hambleton- Jones and a new team of makeover experts attempt to transform the appearance of a former Navy career girl and mother of five.
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