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The meeting was chaired by the Manager Career Counseling Center.
A seminar in this regard was organized at auditorium of Govt Girls Ayesha College for free career counseling for the girl students.
Humayun Iqbal, Manager Career Counseling Centre FJWU presented university souvenir to the guest speaker.
The seven-member jury is a part of the IC3 Committee, who have years of experience in the education and career counseling field.
Recognizing the links between career counseling and psychotherapy, this article primarily aims to present the Systematic Treatment Selection (STS; Beutler & Clarkin, 1990) perspective as a framework for an effective integration of psychotherapy and career counseling.
As per a study in Faisalabad, Pakistan, 62% of the faculty members believed that career counseling should be an integral part of medical education8.
Although the needs of juvenile offenders vary, several researchers have concluded that juvenile offenders can benefit from career counseling (Chartrand & Rose, 1996; Glaser, Calhoun, Bates, & Bradshaw, 2003; Legum & Hoare, 2004; Weinger, 2000).
Because of the vast number of students facing difficulty related to career decision making, coupled with cost factors and availability of counselors, individual career counseling may no longer be the most efficient or helpful means to meet this need.
Just as the term guidance counselor has given way to the more contemporary term school counselor (Brown & Trusty, 2005; Lambie & Williamson, 2004), directive trait-and-factor approaches are giving way to more humanistic, individualized (Cochran, 1997; Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2012, Savickas, 1995) and less directive, holistic approaches to career counseling (Farmer, 2009; Super, 1993; Zunker, 2011).
NAJP: Why do we need a new approach to career counseling in the year 2013?
Results connect the implementation of the college and career counseling components of a comprehensive school counseling program and lower student-to-school-counselor ratios to a reduction in suspension rates and disciplinary incidents for Connecticut high school students.
The book, Career Counseling, begins with the usual introduction regarding changes in the world of work.
Warid team provides career counseling, coaching and career advice to students; in order to excel in the professional world, it is of utmost importance that students identify their strengths early on and develop a link between their academics and prospective job opportunities
The company's recruitment & staffing team along with senior team member from Organization Development & Training, provided career counseling, coaching and career advice to the students on the occasion, says a press release.
ACCA Pakistan provided career counseling and first-hand information to potential students who may want to pursue a career in accountancy and finance
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