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Synonyms for careen

pitching dangerously to one side


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walk as if unable to control one's movements

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move sideways or in an unsteady way

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TIA spokesperson Prem Nath Thakur said the aircraft careened off the runway during landing and crashed onto a football ground near the airport, catching fire.
According the information, which was given by the Turkish General Directorate of Coastal Safety that a Panama flagged cargo vessel careened in Marmara Sea off the Istanbul's Tuzla coast at 07:30 Turkish Local Time (GMTB 04:30).
Liwa: A trailer carrying cement careened off the road yesterday, dragging an oncoming car with it and instantly killing three people at Liwa in the Batinah region.
Since the General Motors building first careened past the billion-dollar mark with its $1.
On May 31, after a day of torrential rain, the already weakened dam burst and water careened down the valley, destroying everything in its path.
Swerving left, the vehicle caromed off the concrete wall dividing the north and south freeway lanes, careened across the three northbound lanes, and crashed through a chain-link fence.
In March 1998, during a World Cup downhill race in Crans Montana, Switzerland, Picabo careened off a jump at 60 mph.
The economic domino effect that careened out from Wall Street after the attacks led key investors--who had lost a great deal of money in the stock market--to withdraw promises of support for the station.
Surprisingly, these encounters took place even when projectiles as light as fluorine-19 careened into gold nuclei.
Nasdaq: BRCM), the maker of broadband chips and circuits for top customers like Motorola and Cisco, careened 74.
As the ship keeled violently in the storm, an Air Force tug vehicle broke free of its lashing and careened into the side of a diesel fuel tank.
With their heads inside paper lanterns or their faces encircled by big crimped collars, dancers careened this way and that.
So: 'The car careered down the turnpike, careened across the median and caromed off the retaining fence.
Quickly dispensing with any semblance of a plot, the ever changing production careened through a retro-fashion nightmare complete with go-go boots, leather cigarette cases, and girls chasing pills across the linoleum.
At the time of the incident, Rebecca's friend Elsi Roman-Nichols was driving under the 65 miles per hour speed limit on her way to pick up a friend on graduation night, when her vehicle left the highway, entered the grass center median and careened into a tree just off the edge of the highway, Francavilla said.