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Michael's Hospital Toronto) examined the care map to assess how well it followed usability principles [15].
Informants from this PRC noted that "The Family Care Map is common sense stuff--it was not new--but it gave it a measureable way where you can point to an actual level" or "Family centered care has always been there, but the FCM .
Abbreviations: DOD = Department of Defense, FCM = Family Care Map, OEF = Operation Enduring Freedom, OIF = Operation Iraqi Freedom, PRC = Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center, PT/BRI = Polytrauma/Blast-Related Injury, QUERI = Quality Enhancement Research Initiative, RAP = Rapid Assessment Process, TBI = traumatic brain injury, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VBA = Veterans Benefits Administration, VHA = Veterans Health Administration, VR&E = Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, WG = working group.
All in all, without the Care Map, somebody could really fail badly from either lack of preparation or from being discharged from subacute too quickly," says Sullivan.
Phillips (whose "ideal" care map for maximum RUG utilization for resident care and reimbursement is exemplified in the figure) acknowledges that the PPS is "an extremely complicated system, and makes it difficult for nurses without proper training to find out how to determine the best RUG grouping for the patient.
These include case management conferences, reengineering task groups (guideline and care map development and adjustment).
Similar to having the NBA Thunder in town, having one of only six proton cancer treatment centers in Oklahoma City will put us on the cancer care map in a way we have never been before.
Co-branded national forecast maps - Precipitation forecast - Drought monitor - Soil conditions - Watering needs - Optimal planting schedule - Lawn fertilization map with product recommendations from The Scotts Company - Garden care map with product recommendations from The Scotts Company
The first nurse thanologist in Western MA, she also helped develop the AIDS critical care map used in Governor Dukakis' administration.
With recent advancements in electronic charting and the use of care maps in nephrology, does the traditional nursing history still have a place in gathering information from the patient himself?
The program invites applications from various healthcare organizations to "suggest solutions" for challenges facing survivors, such as physical and psychosocial concerns, transition to primary care, navigation through care maps and coping with a "chronic disease.