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the provision of health care

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Starting in 2011, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) began programs to test new changes in primary care delivery and payment.
What makes a national initiative of health reform so difficult is that there is significant anti-reform inertia within the health care delivery system that must be addressed first.
Moreover, involving front-line physicians in developing best-practice, care delivery operating processes for a new space secures financial and patient satisfaction benefits, specifically:
In addition to taking over the planning and coordinating functions of the health councils, the CHINS will also be responsible for funding of health care delivery within their geographic areas and taking over some functions of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
He also serves as the Director of the Center for the Health Professions, a research, advocacy and training institute created to assist health care professionals, health professions schools, care delivery organizations and public policymakers to respond to the challenges of educating and managing a health care workforce capable of improving the health and weft being of people and their communities.
High-capacity digital networks, powerful and affordable computer hardware and software, compressible, high-resolution digital images and the Internet have had a great impact on the process of health care delivery.
Training: Best practices in care delivery, facility design and organizational management are better defined as the industry matures.
To encourage this, most facility managers need to change their care delivery systems to refocus nurses on "hands on" care.
Healthcare Outcomes Management: Strategies for Planning and Evaluation explores the critical assessment of health care outcomes management and planning using the biopsychosocial approach of health care delivery as the framework for discussion.
More states are using regulation to revamp their long-term care delivery systems to keep the elderly in their homes, rather than in nursing homes.
LOS ANGELES -- A new trend in cancer care delivery that transforms the delivery of cancer treatment into a "patient-centered" approach, is the subject of an article in the current edition of Oncology Issues, the Journal of the Association of Community Cancer Centers.
Greenberg's appointment is an important component of Geisinger's expansion of the State College area as the third hub of its health care delivery system.
In this type of setting, obviously, effective communication among all participants is essential for smooth functioning and high quality care delivery.
By organizing into coalitions in cities of all sizes, employers are making considerable progress in transforming the health care delivery systems across the nation.
The health care delivery stream, and the providers within, will become less fragmentary and increasingly collegial.