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a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games

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The "real" Lincoln, Booth implies, is the cardsharp who dresses sharply, not the man who wears whiteface make-up and period costumes.
Three ingenious folding operations metamorphose Cardsharp from credit card size to utility knife in a flash of hi-tech origami - watch the exciting video
James Garner, who has played everything from a handsome cardsharp to a frail grandfather, was praised for his talent in reacting as much as his acting in the presentation of the life achievement award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday.
Operation Cardsharp targeted alleged offenders who had breached bail conditions.
In this scene, the protagonist has staked a young punk of a cardsharp poker player to a high-stake game of seven card stud at the home of two wealthy (but notoriously amateur) gamblers whose chief characteristic to that point had been losing lots of money.
The Racing Post's Ben Newton will make his usual forensic study of the team when stable tour season starts in October, but Hobbs rattles off a list of names like a cardsharp dealing aces.
Seemingly unbeatable cardsharp Eddie (Nick Moran) loses pounds 500,000 to Hatchet Harry in a rigged poker game.
MOVIE star Ben Affleck has hired beautiful cardsharp Annie Duke to teach him how to play top-class poker.
By some accounts, it was penned by a murderous cardsharp who met his demise when he shot his girlfriend, then himself, with police closing in on their seedy San Francisco apartment in 1905.
Pozzi is a cardsharp and knows about a pair of millionaires who would be willing to play with him for high stakes if he could only come up with the money.
SOLEMN TRIBUTE Wootton Bassett salutes our fallen war heroes OFFENSIVE Cleric Choudary outside Parliament yesterday CARDSHARP He plays drinking games after downing cider LADIES MAN Choudary giggles as mate holds porn mag
With Walsh it goes from left to right and back again with almost cardsharp dexterity.
He promises girlfriend Jo (Gretchen Mol) that he will give up gambling but then his old cardsharp pal Worm (Edward Norton) comes out of prison.
HE is already known as football's grumpy old man - and now Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has been labelled a cardsharp as well.