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southern European plant having spiny leaves and purple flowers cultivated for its edible leafstalks and roots

only parts eaten are roots and especially stalks (blanched and used as celery)

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These findings suggest that EMF treatments of cardoon seeds have the potential to enhance the cardoon plant growth and the palmitic ac id content.
Bastos, Antioxidative Properties of Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.) Infusion Against Superoxide Radical, Hydroxyl Radical, and Hypochlorous Acid, J.
For striking silver foliage, plant a cardoon. Although the Mediterranean native is closely related to an artichoke, its stalk, rather than bud, is the choice edible part.
The copyist often copies many proverbs, joining them without repeating the initial verb, as in Dargli il cardo, il mattone, la suzzacchera [To give him the cardoon, the brick, that disgusting beverage made of sugar and vinegar] (c.
A cocktail made with equal parts Plantation aged rum, amber-style vermouth and the Italian cardoon amaro Cardamaro was a big hit at the Hawthorne recently.
The international agronomy research of artichoke is focussed particularly on globe artichoke (cardoon) which is cultivated as a bi-annual crop with over wintering growth cycle used as vegetable (esp.
Several dozen gleaming white cheeses lay drying inside it, and all around them swung bundles of drying herbs, sage, blessed thistle, cardoon, wild thyme--in short, the full store of herbs comprising the Steward's daughter's domestic pharmacy.
The Finca Pascualete Mini Torta is made using a vegetable rennet (cardoon) and salt.
Try growing thistle-like Cynara (a group which includes the cardoon and globe artichoke), which produces handsome foliage and dramatic purple thistle flower heads at the back of a border to add summer interest to shrubs, or allow them to grow through cottage garden favourites.
Another version of 242 is: "Six weeks after the Khartoum Conference, the British delegate to the United Nations, Lord Cardoon, drafted a resolution that all the Big Powers or the permanent members of the Council could approve off and it was adopted by the Security Council.