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Devices for drug delivery to the cardiovascular system are also described.
Bloom's Taxonomy--Middle School Topic: The heart and cardiovascular system.
The higher rectal temperature led to a higher heart rate, thus increasing the stress on the cardiovascular system.
People who use REGYS I and then continue therapy with the ERGYS system can strengthen their cardiovascular system, improve circulation, increase muscle bulk, and heighten self-esteem, because their legs appear more "normal.
Potential research topics include, but are not limited to: 1) Defining critical periods of plasticity and/or susceptibility to metabolic perturbations in the maternal environment for neural pathways involved in the regulation of food intake, motivation, body adiposity, and the cardiovascular system in the rodent and nonhuman primates.
In the cardiovascular system, alterations of these highly regulated pathways underlie the pathologic processes such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, conditions that also have been linked to PM exposure (Ibald-Mulli et al.
Since the cardiovascular system improves at a faster rate than the musculoskeletal system, reliance on perceived exertion to determine your workouts can cause you to overstress bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.
When startled, an animal may quickly signal its adrenal gland to start pumping out hormones and its cardiovascular system to go into overdrive.
This PA is intended to stimulate research to characterize environmental agents that cause alterations in the development of the cardiovascular system and thereby lead to CVMs, and to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the development of these CVMs.
1) Mechanisms of pathogenesis: humans and/or laboratory animals: In vitro and in vivo research to develop and evaluate novel hypotheses addressing specific mechanisms by which PM may affect the cardiovascular system.
One of the major concerns regarding the body's adaptation to space flight is that the adjustments the cardiovascular system makes during flight to maintain blood pressure in weightlessness may compromise its ability to readjust to gravity upon return,' says David R.
Formulations for drug delivery to the cardiovascular system range from controlled release preparations to delivery of proteins and peptides.
On the basis of their knowledge of metabolic pathways involving the conversion of fats to substances that either harm or help the cardiovascular system, the Danes concluded that a particular type of oil in the Eskimo diet could be the protective factor.
Data on the link between ordinary speaking and the cardiovascular system were first published in 1980, shortly after the development of a computer-controlled automatic cuff that rapidly and repeatedly measures blood pressure and heart rate.
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